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  1. Emperor Tippy

    Election 2020 Election 2020: It's (almost) over! (maybe...possibly...ahh who are we kidding, it's 2020!)

    So since we don't have one, this is the general election thread. And to start things off: https://www.toptradeguru.com/news/republicans-now-lead-in-michigan-in-number-of-ballots-returned-experts-stunned/ https://electproject.github.io/Early-Vote-2020G/index.html...
  2. Emperor Tippy

    Marvel The Benefits of Trust (MCU Oneshot snippet)

    "Really Cap? You couldn't have called?" snarked Tony as he walked into the safehouse in Berlin that Rogers currently called home. "Tony." said Steve with a nod of greeting. Tony leaned against the wall, hands crossed over his chest, and asked "What made you think open-sourcing Shields database...
  3. Emperor Tippy

    Stupidest Warning label you have seen?

    So we've all seen the stupid warning labels/instructions that make you ask "What happened to cause them to specifically add that warning?"; so whare are the best ones that you have seen. My best is an old VCR, its manual said "Do not stick penis in video slot."
  4. Emperor Tippy

    Crossover Multicross story planning help

    So I'm rewriting Circular Godhood with some improvements. At the moment, I'm looking for suggestions for 'verses to travel to in the beginning. I have a current plan but one or two more wouldn't hurt (especially if they have easily acquired shinnies). Da Rulz: 1) No higher powers, this...
  5. Emperor Tippy

    Brandon Sanderson's Cosmere verse theorycrafting

    So I was re-reading Warbreaker when I got and idea and wondered what people's thoughts on it were. What happens if a Feruchemist who is also a Mistborn travels to Nalthas and acquires Breath? A Feruchemist can use a Nicrosil metalmind to store Investiture, and per word of god it can be used to...
  6. Emperor Tippy

    Smollett Criminally Charged for his fake hate crime...again

    https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/jussie-smollett-indicted-chicago-empire-special-prosecutor So the special prosecutor decided that criminal charges were warranted.
  7. Emperor Tippy

    United States DHS Suspends Global Entry for New York Residents

    In response to New York barring their DMV from cooperating with ICE and Customs & Border Patrol, DHS has suspended enrollment and re-enrollment by New York residents in Global Entry, NEXUS, SENTRI, and FAST. Global Entry is the big one as is massively speeds up international travel. Preventing...
  8. Emperor Tippy

    United States 2020 State of the Union

    Since somehow no one bothered to make a thread about it. The 2020 State of the Union is going on right now. What are your thoughts?
  9. Emperor Tippy

    United States An inside look at judicial confirmations

    https://fedsoc.org/conferences/2019-kentucky-chapters-conference?#agenda-item-judicial-nominations-in-the-trump-administration-a-conversation-with-senate-majority-leader-mcconnell-and-former-white-house-counsel-don-mcgahn Mich McConnell and Don McGahn spend an hour talking about judicial...
  10. Emperor Tippy

    Election 2020 California Supreme Court Strikes Down Tax Return Law

    https://www.wsj.com/articles/california-court-strikes-down-law-requiring-candidate-tax-returns-11574368643?mod=hp_listb_pos3 Glad this was struck down, but I was kinda hoping it would be upheld so that it could go federal.
  11. Emperor Tippy

    News at 11, there's no such thing as a free lunch; Cuomo shocked

    https://www.nytimes.com/2019/11/12/nyregion/cuomo-national-grid.html 1) Generating energy requires inputs to produce said energy. 2) In the case of National Grid, that input is Natural Gas. 3) Natural Gas is a gas and thus needs its entire supply chain from production to final use...
  12. Emperor Tippy

    The (self inflicted) Death of Europe

    An interview with Douglas Murray on why Europe is dying. Came across this while browsing for something else and thought it expressed some of the sociological causes of Europe's current situation. It doesn't reach the first order causes that created the sociological issues but it is a good look...
  13. Emperor Tippy

    Warhammer The Unedited History of Rogue Trader Tristan Abrasax (40k SI)

    -x-x-x- Prologue -x-x-x- How and why my soul was reincarnated into a universe that I knew as fiction is beyond my knowledge; although I do suspect my second fathers very ill advised interactions with some psyker xenos tech was probably to blame. What I do know is that my fathers consort...
  14. Emperor Tippy

    German Fears

    https://www.the-american-interest.com/2019/10/04/no-trust-in-self-no-money-for-defense/ An interesting take on why Germany is a ball-less wonder.
  15. Emperor Tippy

    Star Wars Venomous Journeys (SW/HP)

    -x-x-x- Prologue -x-x-x- 'not as planned' was the last thought to run through the head of Mordred Black, son of Bellatrix Lestrange and Voldemort, as his body flew through the Veil of Death deep in the bowels of the Department of Mysteries. It seemed that his father would have his vengeance...
  16. Emperor Tippy

    Harry Potter Ideas, Discussions, & Recommendations Thread

    What it says on the tin, a thread to talk about everything involving Harry Potter fanfiction.
  17. Emperor Tippy

    Crossover Midlife Crisis (HP/ME crossover)

    -x-x-x- Prologue -x-x-x- International Confederation of Wizards, Earth, 2020 Harry James Potter, Supreme Mugwump of the International Confederation of Wizards, looked out across the serried ranks of the Mugwumps from his throne and thought back on the past two decades of his life as they took...
  18. Emperor Tippy

    Pet Peeves in Fanfiction

    Because we all come across things that just annoy the hell out of us. Pet Peeve of the Day: Inspired by Mass and Magic: adult Harry Potter wizards that are supposed to be skilled/competent speaking incantations to use their magic. Silent Casting is 6th year material and virtually the only time...
  19. Emperor Tippy

    What to write? Looking for opinions

    So I've got a few ideas lingering around but I'm having trouble deciding what to focus on, so I've decided to solicit opinions. First up, rewrites and continuations of fics that I have already started. 1. Exploring Hell - This is a 40K SI fic with the SI as a really favored Rogue Trader. Book 1...
  20. Emperor Tippy

    G7 2020

    A thread to discuss the 2020 G7 meeting. And to start things off; Macron being an idiot. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-08-23/merkel-opposes-macron-threat-to-block-mercosur-deal-over-amazon He decided to start things off by adding forest fires in Brazil to the agenda and...
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