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  1. Ash's Boomstick

    What If? The Rebel Alliance finds a Stargate.

    Its the days before the Battle of Hoth, while on recon in a recently rediscovered Republic era colony world the Rebel pathfinders discover a larger semi-metallic, semi-stone ring that had been dug up by the former denizens of the world. However it seemed to have been abandoned along with the...
  2. Ash's Boomstick

    Fan Supplements

    Over the years I've managed to find a few fan supplements for games that I have such as Babylon 5 RPG and A Call To Arms, but only a handful. I was wondering if anyone else has a collection of fan books for B5, Star Trek Games (any) SW Games (Ditto) Mongoose Games, Palladium Games. Anything that...
  3. Ash's Boomstick

    Rest In Peace Mira Furlan Dies at the age of 65

    For those Babylon 5 fans, our dear Ambassador Delenn, Satai of the Grey Council and the one who is has died this week at the age of 65. https://variety.com/2021/tv/news/mira-furlan-dead-babylon-5-lost-1234890117/
  4. Ash's Boomstick

    Stargate Stargate Treason Question

    Here's a question for those who watch Stargate, both Makepeace and Maybourne were arrested and charged with treason, but what exactly did they do to require that? I mean the worst I an see them doing is theft, receiving stolen goods and one or two other things on that level, but treason? Any...
  5. Ash's Boomstick

    What If? Battle of Witchhead- What if?

    Recently I have been looking over some old Andromeda fics and tech info from different sights and that had me thinking about the Systems Commonwealth fleet. As we know at the Battle of Witchhead the last of the High Guard's active fleet assembled for an attack, now from what I can ascertain of...
  6. Ash's Boomstick

    Diary of a Smegpot Made Good (Red Dwarf AU)

    Well while I have been a member for a while after quitting the cesspool SB was becoming I've finally decided to post something, while I have posted it elsewhere, I'm also posting here because its a good starting place and once this is done I have another to post afterwards. All stories where a...
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