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  1. Vargas Fan

    Looking for suggestions on a build

    My PC system is looking increasingly creaky. CPU is a i5-4590 3.3ghz quad core GPU is a 4gb GTX 760 I can't remember the motherboard model, but RAM is 8gb, and OS is Windows 7 I have a DVD-RW. I have a local computer shop that has some systems, reconditioned...
  2. Vargas Fan

    Revell USMC Warthog

    This is my Revell 1/32 scale USMC Halo Warthog. It comes pre-coloured but to be honest looks far too clean as-is. This one had an oil wash of Games Workshop Nuln Oil. Raised metal parts had a metallic pencil used on them. You can see it on the suspension springs, the fuel cans and other...
  3. Vargas Fan

    Artwork Showcasing an awesome model figure and sharing her work

    I stumbled across this figure on Facebook sometime back. The level of detail really is awesome. For anyone interested, I'm not going to take any credit for this, I'm nowhere near good enough. There's a Facebook page to the lady who does this and similiar works. As I say the level of detail...
  4. Vargas Fan

    My attempt at a bit of amateur art

    I've been suffering from major depression, among other things lately, and I've tried to find some new interests. My friend is an amateur artist, but is quite good, and I thought I would give it a go myself. This is a copy of a book cover about French Art Nouveau style, and is not quite...
  5. Vargas Fan

    Merry Maritime Media (The Ship Thread)

    The RMS Queen Mary and the RMS Queen Elizabeth and the SS France Personally I find many of todays ocean liners look like floating tenements in comparison to the older vessels.
  6. Vargas Fan

    Model thread

    For anyone who does scale models, this is my first ever figure. It's a 1/16th scale "King of the Night" figure (title altered for copyright reasons), by the Ukrainian company ICM. Fit has some issues in place but I think it came out pretty well. The face is a bit whiter than reality due to...
  7. Vargas Fan

    Suggestions A general creative forum

    There perhaps could be a general creative forum for non writing. This could cover things like models (scale models of course), artwork, even niche things like art/mods for cars, bikes and the likes. Basically, a creative forum for anything that isn't writing related.
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