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    What are you playing currently?

    Just installed "Operencia: Second Sun" last night and am looking forward to playing it once again in few hours. They story is neato, the combat is turn-based, the animations are almost perfect on both the lowest and highest setting, and the puzzles and fantastic. I love the first two Dungeons...
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    What are you playing currently?

    Pathfinder Kingmaker with a bunch of mods to add extra classes and feats. I accidentally put the gnome bard on house arrest, exiled the half-elf wizard lady and her half-orc magus boy toy, got cursed with bootleg-lichdom in character creation and now a third of my party is undead while everyone...
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    Culture Anime Games REMOVED from Steam! Anime and Manga BAN Continues!

    Does anyone think these games will move to GOG?
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    Breaking News Trump Has Been Released.... And @RealDonaldTrump Has Been Unleashed

    The courts are making up excuses to never hear the cases against Biden.
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    Election 2020 Election Fraud: Let's face it, this year will be a shitshow

    The lawyers will likely be harassed by the Lincoln Project or the cases would be thrown out before the judges gives the papers a cursory glance.
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    Election 2020 Election 2020: It's (almost) over! (maybe...possibly...ahh who are we kidding, it's 2020!)

    This seems to be somewhat related to Trumps zeal in the past week or so: Link to Youtube: Officials ADMIT LYING To Trump To SUBVERT His Orders, Keep Troops In Middle East
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    What If? Virtual Reality technology became real and was cheap and easy to mass produce?

    It looked like some biker helmet with a visor, and I can't even find the product anywhere. If I can find it, I will edit the post later.
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    What If? Virtual Reality technology became real and was cheap and easy to mass produce?

    I am pretty sure that I saw an ad on Tim Poole's livestream about 40 minutes ago about some VR gaming set for $299.99! So I am certain that we are closer to that than you may think!
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    Poland's Constitutional Tribunal bans eugenic abortion as unconstitutional.

    Good to see "Based Poland" Memes have a basis in reality.
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    Election 2020 Election Fraud: Let's face it, this year will be a shitshow

    Here in NC it took me about 2.5 hours before I got inside to vote and then found out that the voting centers this year in my county are not checking anyone for IDs or have any verification at all. Edit: Forgot to mention that the voting website for NC says that you needed your ID to vote.
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    Bidengate in which a meth head son and possible child abuser ruins your political grift

    No, it needs to simple, clean, fast, and public. There is no room for any doubt when someone is to be executed. There needs to be Constant public livestreams from multiple angles 24/7 with no privacy, if only so that we the public can be certain that no shenanigans happen t any point. in the...
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    Media/Journalism Cringe Megathread - Hot off the Presses

    Perhaps I am a bit behind the times, but is there a translation for those runes? Also, the obligatory "What do the numbers mean Mason!"
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    Media/Journalism Cringe Megathread - Hot off the Presses

    Looking further in revealed that the censorship was taken as "debunking" the who thing, which is why I was so horrified.
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    Media/Journalism Cringe Megathread - Hot off the Presses

    The thread there is full of "it's Russian disinformation!" and "This was debunked by Facebook and Twitter for being disinformation" and even "nice interview for FOX!". The existence of such a wonderful salt mine both horrifies and confounds me.
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    What are you playing currently?

    I finally got back onto Starbound with the FU mod installed....Base game is like a much better terraria in space, but the mod makes everything divided into tech trees, and makes about 500-1200% more content in every single aspect of the game. The sheer amount of things to build and mine gives...
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    Culture Cancel Culture and Progressive Iconoclasm: The #Blackout Edition w/ extra "Guidance"

    Maybe Ghandi should have laid off all of those nukes, and we would not have this problem then. :)
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    Election 2020 Election Fraud: Let's face it, this year will be a shitshow

    How much do you wish to bet that the "error" was allowing Trump/Pence on the ballots?
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    Images Funny Pictures and Memes - You know you want them, here we have them!

    Wasn't Fallout Chicago called Fallout Tactics? Edit: TAX
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    United States George Floyd Protests, Reactions and Riots

    Like back in 2018? HAha!
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    Five minutes of hate news

    I was in a similar state as him when I was 8 years old, I was suicidally depressed after my time with my mother. My father took me to 11 different Psychologists to try to help me, all they did what hook me up on many different drugs and upping the doses far higher than what would normally be...
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