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  1. The Immortal Watch Dog

    Harry Potter Potterverse Discussion Thread

    "Avada Kadavra can kill Galactus because it's a conceptual level curse." Proceed to throw a 20 page temper tantrum when people politely point that was retarded. Apart from that simping for Snape and thinking that retcon at the last minute was deep writing and generally over rating the series.
  2. The Immortal Watch Dog

    United States Covid Vaccination Discussion

    Yes Republicans are going to have the herd thinned by a plague with a 99.6 percent survival rate. Especially by taking vaccines that have killed hundreds and sterilized thousands of young women. Nah.
  3. The Immortal Watch Dog

    Complaining about the NSA/ATF's conduct, past, and present.

    Fine from now on, when I bully NSA agents I'll tell rainman jokes for the sake of accuracy They very likely have bugged millions of Americans and continue to watch them. Patriot act yay! But it was probably and continues to likely be due to the drug trade and organized crime more than...
  4. The Immortal Watch Dog

    Stargate Through the Looking Glass and into Heaven.

    Alright, so not to worry @Spartan303 the EFC fic will get an update very soon! But in the mean time I thought I'd try my hand at a little journey down the Stargate rabbit hole. This is another reboot, which admittedly was a lot harder for me to tackle than EFC was because its sort of hard to...
  5. The Immortal Watch Dog

    The Lefts Targeting Right Wing Families and Catholics

    Naw but the accusations that she bought stolen babies is one she should absolutely sue over. No matter how petty it may appear, in Argentina the left does that to their opponents. Since the Junta liked to kill young moms who were involved with the ERP and the Montoneros and sell their kids to...
  6. The Immortal Watch Dog

    United States Conspiracies here!

    I dont believe the loyal among you have the ability to purge the wumaos from our government and our IC. It will come out and we the people will have to fight both battles. The one to purge the traitors and the invalids and the other against the Dragon. There I agree. Man the way the Chinese...
  7. The Immortal Watch Dog

    Insane, unspecified thread ban awarded with no justification

    Man the fact that you guys are so afraid of public scrutiny and being held accountable by your userbase that you have this little section where you can all brigade users and will hysterically punish anyone who dares object outside of it..is...kinda lame Any way lameness aside..I'm kind of...
  8. The Immortal Watch Dog

    EU Euro Madness

    ..."the borders are closed to all but the plague rats" Brilliant Germany..simply brilliant.
  9. The Immortal Watch Dog

    Who's harder right?

    I think the golden rule is "if you aren't a fucking idiot, you're welcome" which goes for all positions. What I found hilarious for example is that SB tried to pain all these guys as Nazis, when most of them are about as moderate as your folks probably are. From what I remember of most of their...
  10. The Immortal Watch Dog

    Conquest of Paradise: An Earth Final Conflict reboot.

    Man, I have no idea if anyone else remembers this show. Remembers the great writing of the first season and its slow and tragic march towards becoming a shitty Buffy knock off. But what struck me the hardest about it was looking back, the show got a lot of things about day to day usage of tech...
  11. The Immortal Watch Dog

    Resolved TOS Question and Abuse of Policies on Other Forums

    Can't find a proper introduction thread or subforum but here goes nothing. First of all, Hi, long time forumer, mostly from Comic Book rumbles and Naruto Forums but I've been an off and on user/lurker of SB since 2005. The uhh..descent of that site into insanity, hysteria and madness prompted...
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