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  1. Hlaalu Agent

    PC Gaming Palworld

    Anyways about a week ago this trailer dropped and I figured I ought to share it with people here in case they haven't seen it. The game definitely looks interesting and ambitious. Anyways, I am posting this with scant commentary (I'll share my opinions if this thread picks up), so I'll let the...
  2. Hlaalu Agent

    Rest In Peace Remembrance Day 2020

    It has now been over a hundred years, since the guns fell silent on the Western front and the First Great War ended, a war that claimed millions of lives and irrevocably changed history. The pain and suffering and death and other damage caused by the war left a scar on the psyche of the Western...
  3. Hlaalu Agent

    Robert Trump is dead

    https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefings-statements/statement-president-passing-robert-trump/ I just heard that the President of the United States Donald J Trump's brother has just passed away, and I believe that given the importance of this man's brother and the importance that this man had to him...
  4. Hlaalu Agent

    Rest In Peace Fall of Constantinople

    It was on this day, in year of 1453 Anno Domini, or 2206 Ad Urbe Condita in the Roman Calendar that the Queen of Cities, the City of Cities, the City of World's Desire, Constantinople fell after 53 days of siege to the invading forces of Mehmed II. With this final stroke, the Roman Empire...
  5. Hlaalu Agent

    Resolved Spoiler Tag Bugging

    So I was posting in an RP OOC thread and putting a wip sheet in spoiler tags and somehow the tag got duplicated and cut off the first part of the sheet into a seperate tag, as in the first line. And no matter what I do, I can't fix the bugged spoiler tag...
  6. Hlaalu Agent

    Corrupt a Wish

    You all know the drill. But for those who don't, this is a forum game where a poster writes a wish, and the poster below finds a way to corrupt it, while writing their own wish to be corrupted in turn. And on and on this goes until well, like all good things, this thread comes to an end. So...
  7. Hlaalu Agent

    Funny Meme Video thread- The one for moving pictures

    Since the other thread is for pictures, it occurred to me that this excluded memes that would take a video form. But probably wouldn't exclude gifs or the like. So I decided to post this so people would have a place to post videos or the such that would otherwise go into the thread if it wasn't...
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