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  1. KilroywasNOTHere

    Culture Media From the Olden Before Time.

    I was watching a contemplation of the old times before things went so ridiculously woke. Feel free to share any clips or full episodes you want.
  2. KilroywasNOTHere

    Culture Why & When?: A Question Essay Regarding virtue signaling and Artists Uncanny Habit of Supporting the Establishment While "Protesting" it

    Upon reminiscing the recent death of Queen Elizabeth II my mind immediately went to the death of former Princess Diana, after which my mind went to a Disney Parody Sculptor referencing her death. Said sculptor, was a centerpiece in an art exhibit called made in 2015 by a British Artist simply...
  3. KilroywasNOTHere

    Science Flourishing Wild Artificial Echo Systems.

    So I saw this video on youtube about a guy that made a miniature artificial rainforest in his basement and I found it utterly fascinating. I posted the following comment. "I wonder what it will be like 6 months from now. It also makes me wonder if it'd be possible to create artificial wilds...
  4. KilroywasNOTHere

    Philosophy When Does a Deconstruction/Reconstruction Become the Norm?

    So I'm watching scenes and reviews from both "The Boys" and "Invincible" and people are praising how the shows and comics are shocking and deconstructs (and in Invincibles' case reconstruct) typical superhero tropes. I don't know if this is a hot take or not, but I don't see how. The Watchmen...
  5. KilroywasNOTHere

    Culture RIP CULTURE

    Animation goes down in flames, LOTR is being sold and exploited to heck. We are seeing culture and economy die before our eyes.
  6. KilroywasNOTHere

    Culture What Fan Projects do you think it'd be cool to see?

    With both Star Wars and Marvel being squandered by Disney, Warner Bros gutting DC comics, and modern star trek being...modern star trek, it seems like the best hope for keeping the stuff we group up with alive will be in the fans. So my question is what projects (Films, games, attractions ect. )...
  7. KilroywasNOTHere

    Original Fiction I'm working on a superhero comic.

    I'm tired of Superheroes getting "Deconstructed" and spouting left-wing politics as opposed to you know actually saving people so I decided to start working on my own. the first draft as well as a concept art piece can be found here. Feedback would be appreciated...
  8. KilroywasNOTHere

    Alternate History: The Empire of Israel

    This is based on a CK2 scenario I had. In the year 1066 young 18-year-old Jewish Hebrew Girl from a seamlessly unknown family managed to revolt against her Islamic rulers and reestablished the Kingdom of Israel. She quickly goes about building the 3rd temple and reestablishing the priesthood...
  9. KilroywasNOTHere

    Alternate History After Armageddon: WI 9/11 Caused a Much Different Response .

    On September 11th 2001, 19 militants from the Islamic terrorist organization known as al-Qaeda hijacked a pair of airlines and rammed them into the twin towers resulting in some 2750 deaths. For the first time in nearly a decade our eyes were glued to the tv screen as news stations both...
  10. KilroywasNOTHere

    The Heir of the Romanov Family is "Found" After The Soviet Union Falls.

    After the Soviet Union falls a faction of monarchists manage to "find" the long lost granddaughter of Anastasia Romanov. With the backing of the Orthodox Church and several people within government this lost heir is able to make a Strong claim for the throne. Things to note of said heir Heir...
  11. KilroywasNOTHere

    Alternate History What If The Saxons and Germanic Paganism Won the Saxon Wars?

    The Saxon Wars were the campaigns and insurrections of the thirty-three years from 772, when Charlemagne first entered Saxony with the intent to conquer, to 804, when the last rebellion of tribesmen was defeated. In all, 18 campaigns were fought, primarily in what is now northern Germany. They...
  12. KilroywasNOTHere

    Star Wars What If Jabba killed Luke in ROTJ?

    resurrecting an old SB thread Premise: Rather than having Luke Face a rancor in the pit , Jabba Orders Boba Fett to kill the Jedi, the two Duke it out for a bit and while Luke does put up a valiant effort, but without his lightsaber, the mandalorian bounty hunter gets the upper hand and kills...
  13. KilroywasNOTHere

    History The French Revolution - OverSimplified

    As much as this is oversimplified, it does paint a pretty ugly picture of stagnation. Even if the French revolution did turn out to be a nightmare, I don't see how the nobility class could have kept up the sort of lifestyle they had without something changing. sounds familiar to be honest...
  14. KilroywasNOTHere

    Alternate History Clockwork: The Gears that Changed America.

    "It seemed like it was hopeless. The Morale of the men was at an all-time low. The food supply was dwindling, and the men were wearing little more than rags. When the Letter came from the French with a declaration of neutrality, even Washington began to believe that it was over. It was then that...
  15. KilroywasNOTHere

    What is the big deal about turning Red?

    So I went to twitter and found an obscure youtuber I watch trending on twitter Mr. Enter Official (@MrEnterOfficial) / Twitter for the review he's talking about Ok so say Mr enter did give a bad take about the movie? My question is why do people care? Seriously what is so sacred about this...
  16. KilroywasNOTHere

    The Origin of Black American Culture and Ebonics | Thomas Sowell

    The Origin of Black American Culture and Ebonics | Thomas Sowell - YouTube I don't know how to properly give a TL;DW for this. I'm just stunned more than anything.
  17. KilroywasNOTHere

    DC Batman: Black Angel of Gotham

    Summary: Inspiration struck me so I figured I'd make a batman story featuring an alternate take on The Dark Knight that still (Hopefully) holds onto what makes Batman Batman. How far will it go? I don't know, but I hope in any case you enjoy it. Rated M so I can have more free reign in terms of...
  18. KilroywasNOTHere

    Nintendo Am I the only one that's concerned that Metroid Dread's ending could set up the franchises going Woke?

    It seems like there are one of two paths they can go to. They can have her be a Master Chief/doomguy esque protagonist that totally kicks butt, or they'll pull a Cortana have Samus go insane and be the big bad that a "New hip protagonist" has to fight and kill off and inevitably said new...
  19. KilroywasNOTHere

    DC An Alternate Batman Charecter sheet

    Considering people are making Alt Batman origins and character sheets I thought I'd give it a shot, critique it, make your own, knock yourself out. this is primarily for fun. this is partial a character sheet, partial not. I may write a fanfic if inspiration strike me. Origin: Leaving the...
  20. KilroywasNOTHere

    Couple charged with manslaughter over death of morbidly obese daughter

    Couple charged with manslaughter over death of morbidly obese daughter this maybe a bit of a hot take, but if a government has such control over you they can criminalize you for what you eat or what you feed your family then you are their personal plaything and they will throw you away...
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