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  1. Lord Sovereign

    Versus Match Sauron (Second Age, One Ring in hand) vs Arthas the Lich King (World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King)

    Two of fantasy's most prominent Dark Lords and Necromancers, at the peak of their powers, throw down on an open icy waste. 1 v 1. In my opinion, it can go either way. The magic and feats of Tolkien are vague, but some interpretations would put them as very potent indeed. Meanwhile WoW's...
  2. Lord Sovereign

    Britain Passing of Queen Elizabeth Political Discussion

    Was that really necessary?
  3. Lord Sovereign

    History How culpable is Versailles for Nazi Germany?

    I know a lot about the Versailles treaty was used as propaganda for the Third Reich as justification for its wars, but there does seem to be a growing movement in the historical community who pretend Versailles had little effect, if any at all (which comes off as frankly absurd to me). Which is...
  4. Lord Sovereign

    Russia(gate/bot) Mikhail Gorbachev, last leader of the USSR, has passed away.

    Relevant BBC article here. 2nd March 1931-30th August 2022. RIP. Apparently he died in hospital after a long illness.
  5. Lord Sovereign

    The best Arab Army?

    Now I know Arab armies are infamous for producing very poor soldiers (which isn't entirely the Arab soldiery's fault, it's just that their leaders are paranoid imbeciles who keep crippling their militaries), but as I understand it there are exceptions. Namely, the Jordanian Military is meant to...
  6. Lord Sovereign

    History Whom was greater, Augustus or Julius Caesar?

    Both of them are worthy of their reputations, and Caesar effortlessly outdoes his adoptive son in military matters (fortunately for Augustus, he had a legendary bromance going on with Agrippa), but I think Augustus ultimately edges out ahead. After the initial blood letting of the Proscriptions...
  7. Lord Sovereign

    In the long term, just how utterly buggered are the Left?

    All sorts of terrible decisions aside, their worldview is literally grounded in catastrophic misunderstandings of the world and the nature of mankind. Their foundations are weak, if not rotted, and cannot survive the storms of history. I partially think the reason they've managed for so long is...
  8. Lord Sovereign

    United States Johnny Depp wins defamation lawsuit against Amber Heard

    Well then Miss Heard, this is the day you will always remember as the day you almost caught Captain Jack Sparrow. And he made off with $15000000 in damages as well. Cue the fucking music.
  9. Lord Sovereign

    History How good was the Red Army in 1945?

    As I understand it the Red Army (whilst never being quite as bad as some would think) was essentially an unstoppable war machine by the end of the war, filled to the brim with battle hardened soldiers using good kit. This is probably a result of Marshal Zhukov telling Stalin to piss off and let...
  10. Lord Sovereign

    United States Texas shooting: Fifteen killed in attack on US Elementary School

    What it says on the tin. A shocking display of evil. One must wonder what can possess a person to slaughter little uns.
  11. Lord Sovereign

    Movies Question about Django Unchained: What did Calvin Candie do wrong?

    Aside from being a semi-stereotypical slave owning southern gentleman of the 1850s, I don't see how Calvin instigated the situation which eventually resulted in him and his family being murdered. He does react rather violently to realising he's been deceived, which is evidence that he's not an...
  12. Lord Sovereign

    History Was the Republic of Venice a Roman successor state?

    At least, in so far as culture is concerned. As I understand it the Venetians bore some strange similarities to the Romans and Romanitas of yesteryear, likely as a result of Venice starting out life as a Roman refugee colony from the Lombards in the immediate century after the Western Empire's...
  13. Lord Sovereign

    Did any Italian formations fight well in WW2?

    I know Italy was essentially a meme country throughout the Second Great War, but there must have been some divisions led by competent generals that won a battle or two. I know the navy wasn't a total laughing stock, but the rest of Italy's armed forces just seemed like baby seals for the British...
  14. Lord Sovereign

    History Noble Wehrmacht Myth...is it a myth?

    Now I'm not trying to lionise the German Army of World War II, as they did some rather horrible things throughout. When you're the war machine of a totalitarian state, you aren't going to be nice. There were even elements of it involved in the final solution, but one should distinguish...
  15. Lord Sovereign

    Economics How do we go about rebuilding the Industrial Might of the West?

    Let's face it, we went from building Dreadnoughts to struggling to cut our own steel in the space of a hundred years. Disregarding the disastrous effect the destruction of industry has had on the lower orders, this has caused a great decline in national power and self sufficiency. My question...
  16. Lord Sovereign

    Britain Sir David Amess, MP for Southend West, has been assassinated

    Link to BBC article. So far, it seems a suspect has already been apprehended by the police. No further details have been released as to the identity or motivations of his killer (understandably). The victim was assaulted whilst holding a constituency surgery (essentially where an MP speaks to...
  17. Lord Sovereign

    Philosophy Is the Enlightenment to blame?

    Alright, that might be a bit too simplistic, but it would be a lie to say that many of the bad ideas wrecking our countries today don't have their ancestry in the Enlightenment of the 17th and 18th centuries. Our materialist society has been heavily influenced by rationalism rationalising away...
  18. Lord Sovereign

    Dune The Golden Path, was it really necessary?

    The Atreides dynasty unleashed millennia of insanity and death on the galaxy in the name of this "Golden Path" and I'm wondering "why?" The Empire and humanity, for all their faults, were still muddling along. It spread over thousands upon thousands of worlds, man's numbers were in the...
  19. Lord Sovereign

    History Was Lincoln's security inept?

    Having looked into the assassination, I can only conclude Lincoln's security were morons. How else was an armed man able to walk into the President's box, mortally wound him, then flee the scene? The bloody Praetorian Guard would have foiled this without much trouble. What excuse did Lincoln's...
  20. Lord Sovereign

    What would be the necessary conditions for armoured knights in the modern era?

    I'd imagine it would have to be a case of armour developing to a point where projectile weaponry is seriously nerfed and we have to go back to battering each other to death with maces. In all honesty, medieval warfare with futuristic/power armour, Geneva Convention and germ theory would be a...
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