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  1. MrBirthday

    Web Content On Razorfist, and his black-and-white views on absolutely everything.

    *shakes head* He's absolutely consistent about that, regardless of whether or not he's on camera. I don't think it's him playing a role.
  2. MrBirthday

    Inside New-Gen Consoles

    Here's some teardown videos of the new consoles from a couple of Youtubers I often watch, Spawnwave and Modern Vintage Gamer. (Although teardown videos like this are more Spawnwave's thing.) First, Spawnwave's teardown of the PS5's DualSense controller: Second, his video on the PS5 itself...
  3. MrBirthday

    Fanservice game coming to Switch, PC, and Xbox One, but not PS4.

    While browsing around I ran across the relevant story on Gematsu. I thought this was of moderate interest, so I decided to post it here.
  4. MrBirthday

    What If? Shinra (from FFVII) develops and commercializes nuclear fusion instead of mako

    On one hand, its not sucking up the planet's lifeforce to make electricity. On the other hand, its still the tyrannical megacorp it is in canon. Thoughts on how things might go in this setup?
  5. MrBirthday

    Books Comics in grayscale

    It is my understanding that doing pictures in grayscale (as opposed to simple black-and-white) takes about as long as coloring. However, it seems to stand to reason that printing costs would be significantly less than full color, making me wish that it would be used more often.
  6. MrBirthday

    Anime & Manga All-Purpose Shipgirl Discussion And Picture Thread

    (Note: I'm giving the thread the current tag due to nothing else being a better fit and two of the involved series having anime adaptations.) This is the thread for all things shipgirl. Kantai Collection (KanColle for short), Azur Lane, Warship Girls, Victory Belles (although that last one looks...
  7. MrBirthday

    Star Trek What If Star Trek: The Next Generation had been about the Enterprise B?

    Just as the thread title says, how do you think the series (and the following ones) would have different if it was set fairly shortly after the movie era instead of the massive timeskip it was IRL? And I mean primarily from a real-world writing perspective, rather than an in-universe one. (For...
  8. MrBirthday

    Resolved How do I send a Private Message?

    I've looked around, but I see no provision to do so. The mail symbol by my username shows current conversations, but there is no option there to start one.
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