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  1. PsihoKekec

    Hungry Darkness

    Something I came up with during the supposedly spooky October ------- ''So this is the site?'' His new superior looked definitely disappointed. ''Yes, this is the exclusion zone.'' ''Any clue to what it is here? Any trace of installations, roads or something like that?'' ''No roads going...
  2. PsihoKekec

    Charles I Slain in Hull

    It is 23d April 1642 and Charles, with his numerous escort is trying to get entrance to Hull, but is denied by the governor sir John Hotham. After considerable back and forth Charles, with gritted teeth, accepts the earlier Hotham's offer of entrance with an escort of twelve men. Hotham was...
  3. PsihoKekec

    Warhammer 40K Caliphatehammer 40K Worldbuilding

    Inspired by discussion on complaining about SB. My idea is that Cholcis is strongly inspired by Islam which is reflected when Lorgar writes Lectitio Devinitatus, so we could still have the beloved gothic art style, but society would be shaped in a way that is familiar to Memri fans. So God...
  4. PsihoKekec

    On Marijuana Being Harmless and Other Lies

    https://www.tabletmag.com/sections/news/articles/how-weed-became-new-oxycontin-marijuana-psychosis-addiction Decades ago marijuana was considered harmless and still has such reputation, but the stuff that is smoked now has little relation to what was smoked 50 years ago, modern day hybrid...
  5. PsihoKekec

    CompuServe buys America Online

    In 1991 CompuServe offered to buy out AOL which was struggling ever since it started as Control Video. The CEO Jim Kimsey was all for accepting the offer and washing his hands on the most difficult job he ever had (he served two combat tours in Vietnam as a ranger officer), but his protege Steve...
  6. PsihoKekec

    How Modernity Contributes to Forest Fires

    Eat Mutton, Wear Wool, Heat with Wood: Traditional Ways to Stop Wildfires – The European Conservative Back before industrialization, a lot more land was grazed on than today and evergreen forest usually started at 1500 meters (varies by local climate). People used pretty much everything from...
  7. PsihoKekec

    Movies Batgirl: $90 Million Dollar Movie Cancelled

    Apparently, after finishing the movie, the test audiences found it so bad that they calculated, that the release wouldn't even cover the cost of distribution.
  8. PsihoKekec

    Dry weather in Flanders during August of 1917

    As the title say, during the August of 1917, the repeated rainstorms turned the blasted ground into swamp and the overcast skies prevented the ground from drying. This in turn led to much higher British/Commonwealth casualties and offensive had to be halted until the ground dried, restarting...
  9. PsihoKekec

    SCOTUS 20-1530

    I have heard elsewhere on the internet that this decision could be used as a mayor precedent to strike down many of the rules that various agencies came up with in the last decades. https://www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/21pdf/20-1530_n758.pdf
  10. PsihoKekec

    Your Five Favorite Sitcoms

    I'll start with my top five Blackadder Monty Python Flying Circus Sledge Hammer Yes Minister/Prime Minister Fawlty Towers
  11. PsihoKekec

    Historical Misconceptions

    Starting with some of the most common ones from the Battle of Bulge: Kampfgruppe Peiper did not make the deepest advance during the Battle of the Bulge, that honour goes to the 2nd Panzer division of the mundane Wehrmacht, with 116th being close second. German plans were not based on capture of...
  12. PsihoKekec

    Oda Nobunaga survives

    It is the June 21st 1582, traitors have surrounded the temple where Oda Nobunaga went for tea ceremony, but one of his retainers spots a possible gap in the encirclement, so Nobunaga makes a quick decision, orders his loyal page to set fire to the temple and sets for the gap in the lines alone...
  13. PsihoKekec

    Eduard Shevardnadze killed in Sukhumi

    During the fall of Sukhumi, Georgian president (Speaker of the Parliament with presidential powers to be exact) Shevardnadze left the city on the last flight, right before the city fell. It is quite likely that Russian troops and Abkhasian separatist were under orders to let him escape, but what...
  14. PsihoKekec

    Battletech Republic of the Sphere does not end relocations

    One of the key policies of Devlin Stone (Lear being more likely) set up was population relocation. Basically, people who wanted to move away from their worlds, were assisted in this by the state. The goal was to break up the existing House loyalties and local ethnic/cultural affiliations...
  15. PsihoKekec

    Alternate History Empire of Brazil does not end with Pedro II

    The coup that overthrew Pedro II was a curious affair, emperor was very popular and had strong support, but with no heir he accepted that the empire will end and thus opened himself to the overthrow in his final years. But what if his second son had not fallen ill and died as a child, but grew...
  16. PsihoKekec

    Theoretical Question on Colonisation

    So let's say there is a stargate on Earth that leads to another Earth-like world with no sapient life, but documentation found alongside the gate shows that after running for a year it will shut down for fifty years. The world powers are uncharacteristically cooperative (serious ROB shenanigans...
  17. PsihoKekec

    Historical Conspiracies

    So we don't clog other threads, feel free to divert such discussions here any time they happen. They broke Japanese diplomatic codes, not the high end naval ones. And even if they broke Japanese naval codes, Kiddo Butai kept radio silence during the voyage, so American eavesdropping would be...
  18. PsihoKekec

    Spanish Conquest of the New World

    This article reminds me of an interesting question. The percentage of people with native ancestry (both in percentage and raw numbers) is much higher in former Spanish colonies than in English part of America and yet the history teaches us that the Spaniards were the most bloodthirsty conquerors...
  19. PsihoKekec

    All-female reboot you would like to see

    My picks would be 300 (need I say more?) Bad Taste (because I'm morbidly curious how they would have done it) Zardoz (because I'm a horrible person)
  20. PsihoKekec

    Parallels Between Soviet Union and USA of Today

    America has become its own worst enemy - UnHerd While there are many differences between the USSR at the time of collapse and USA of today, there also too many similarities for comfort, it's like once bureaucracies achieve certain threshold of power they settle in same general patterns of...
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