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  1. Abhishekm

    United States Discussion of Snowden, Assange and government secret keeping in general

    Figured immigration as well make a threat for the rees. I for one am for knowing anything people with big titles don't want me to just on the principle of the matter. Can't say the basis of my opinion is deeper than that. Snowden does look like a little shit though so I can get the hate too...
  2. Abhishekm

    EU Nobody expects the Spanish Volcano Bombing

    https://www.newsweek.com/politician-proposes-bombing-la-palma-volcano-eruptions-enter-38th-day-1643157?amp=1&__twitter_impression=true So La Palmas been spewing lava for a month now and apparently some politician got the idea to carpet bomb it. Thoughts? Personally I'd like them to do it just...
  3. Abhishekm

    Anime & Manga So apparently there is a Chronicles of Narnia Manga

    Not sure if there is another thread for this kind of topic but wanted to post about it. So I just found a Chronicles of Narnia Manga. Not one about the movie books but the prequel one, that got skipped. So I wanted to post it here because I thought it was neat...
  4. Abhishekm

    Business & Finance The GameStop Short Stock Sensation

    So whats your opinion on Short Selling? Just curious. That escalated quickly.
  5. Abhishekm

    Is Government Debt a Ponzi Scheme?

    I know what you guys are thinking. Oh, a 'Every American owes half a million dollars', 'Your sending your Grandkids to Debtors Prison' thread. But not really. I'm actually asking about local government programs and debts. 'Oh, State Debt then?' Is your thought. Maybe, but I'm actually just...
  6. Abhishekm

    Section 230 Opinion, Theory Crafting and Practical Reality

    Hi First thread, not too serious and will probably fall by the wayside but couldn't decide where to post this. So thoughts I guess. I've heard a lot in the politics threads that whole big tech will want section 230 changes when they have ai developed enough or what have you. But if it comes to...
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