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  1. Tiamat

    Teen arrested for online threats against TPUSA

    A friendly reminder to anyone who thinks LE or the Feds aren’t paying attention to social media… https://www.foxnews.com/us/texas-teen-facing-charges-credible-threat-violent-retribution-turning-point-usa-conference-fbi
  2. Tiamat

    Colbert talk show staffers caught snooping around after-hours at Republican offices.

    So.....yeah, this happened. :oops: https://www.foxnews.com/us/us-capitol-police-arrest-stephen-colbert-staffers-house-office-building-charged-illegal-entry Not quite sure what to make of this yet, but these clowns were caught taking pics and video around the offices of Kevin McCarthy and...
  3. Tiamat

    Stranger Things Season 4

    So does anyone here watch the series? The first half of Season 4 of Stranger Things was posted on Netflix yesterday. I honestly wasn't sure what to expect. There's been quite a bit of hype, but I've been reserving judgement. That said, I went ahead and binge watched the whole first half last...
  4. Tiamat

    Kane for President, 2024! Vote NOD! Brotherhood! Unity! Peace!

    Dear brothers and sisters (and binaries, and furries, and other miscellaneous "fill-in-the-blank") of the Sietch, everywhere we look, we see discontent, chaos and strife. We worry for the present, we worry for the future, we worry for the state of Humanity itself....and where is hope? Where is...
  5. Tiamat

    Breaking News Leaked video of migrants on secret charter flights into the U.S.

    Link posted here without further comment for the moment. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/video-westchester-new-york-migrants-night-contractors
  6. Tiamat

    AH-64 Apache test fires Israeli Spike ATGM

    Funny thing, me and CurtisLemay wrote about Spike getting used by the US Army in the WW3 fic I'm working on, but it seems it's now being tested as a possible reality. It was used in the test to apparently hit a target 20 miles away, over water. 😮...
  7. Tiamat

    Stranger Things: 1988 (An alternate Stranger Things universe/crossover saga)

    HI all, I am copying and moving this spinoff story from it's original location in the WW3: 1988 storyline under the Alternate History section. I decided to do this so that this own story that parallels the events of the WW3 timeline doesn't derail it, and vice versa. I am posting the chapters...
  8. Tiamat

    Trump/Georgia Phone Conversation

    Presented here for everyone, the entire "conversation" between Trump and SecState of Georgia, such as it was (I have some more choice words for it), unedited. Link below from Youtube. I will only say for the moment, listen to the whole conversation and judge for yourself.
  9. Tiamat

    Russia has another oopsie

    Seems some self-made entrepreneurs, or maybe agents for a foreign service broke into the Russian's IL-80 Airborne Command Post while it was undergoing maintenance. That or they must have mistaken it for a cargo plane carrying vodka...
  10. Tiamat

    Election 2020 We can expect fair and balanced reporting of the Democrat VP candidate...

    Because a new political group calling itself “We Have Her Back” will make it so....whether you like it or not. https://www.foxnews.com/media/group-women-warn-media-biden-vp-coverage Dissent will not be tolerated, citizens.
  11. Tiamat

    Breaking News New York AG sues to dismantle NRA.

    You can’t make up any of this crazy BS anymore.... https://www.foxnews.com/politics/new-york-ag-dissolve-nra-lawsuit
  12. Tiamat

    The Barr House Committee hearing

    So, did anyone watch the Barr hearing today, or are watching it? What was your impressions or takeaways? I haven't watched all of it yet....I don't want my blood pressure to rise any further considering I've already had a tough day at the hospital. What I did see....good God, I don't know how...
  13. Tiamat

    Moving of Story fic to Alternate History page

    Hi, I logged in today and found that my story fic under the Creative Writing section "World War 3: 1988, aka The War of '88" had been moved to the Alternate History subforum. While I don't mind the move and certainly hope to hear more from alternate history fans, I would have appreciated a...
  14. Tiamat

    Combat Reform Respect Thread: Only Real Experts Allowed

    By Sparky and Co., are you referring to the infamous M113-obsessed Sparks himself??
  15. Tiamat

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer, a discussion thread and retrospective

    So, it's been about 22 years since Buffy first aired. Big cultural phenomenon, or so it would seem. I didn't really start watching the show until much later as I was over in Europe for most of the 90's. That said, I will make this a wide open debate/discussion/retrospect, etc. What did...
  16. Tiamat

    Democrat Debate and Caucuses 2020 (Or, rather the state thereof...)

    So, with the way the Democrat debates and Caucuses have been going as of late, especially after the last debate which turned into a Mexican-standoff-turned massacre and then the Nevada caucus which saw Bernie getting the vote, what's everyone's thoughts???
  17. Tiamat

    A chilling, yet important documentary to watch about a college in America.

    Hey folks, I'm working on the next part of my fanfiction and got something else I'm about to start soon....but here is something people should watch. Does anyone remember when Evergreen college was in the news? It was a chilling example of Lord of the Flies in real life, mirroring the...
  18. Tiamat

    Alternate History World War III: 1988, aka "The War of '88"

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