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  1. Arch Dornan

    Sri Lanka Protest Thread

    There's more updates coming to Sri Lanka I'll put them here instead. Haven't seen this one before. Money seized and handed over for a proper reimbursement by protestors rather than looting everything even if some may hide a few rupees without anyone knowing.
  2. Arch Dornan

    Loudoun County School Board Covers Up Sexual Assault by Trans Student, Gets Father Arrested

    https://www.dailywire.com/news/loudoun-county-schools-tried-to-conceal-sexual-assault-against-daughter-in-bathroom-father-says This is just depressing.
  3. Arch Dornan

    United States Arizona Thread

    https://bigleaguepolitics.com/arizona-us-senate-candidate-blake-masters-proposes-national-strategic-bitcoin-reserve/ Thoughts?
  4. Arch Dornan

    South Africa Protests and Riots in Response to Zuma in Jail and Covid and the Economy and so on...

    https://www.france24.com/en/video/20210712-six-killed-scores-arrested-in-s-africa-protests-after-zuma-jailing-government-says @Scottty how bad is it? https://news.yahoo.com/jacob-zuma-riots-south-africa-101727743.html It's gone bad the army's being sent in.
  5. Arch Dornan

    Israel versus Palestine: 2021 Edition

  6. Arch Dornan

    Human Nature Similarities to Animal and Insects

    He may still find it dehumanising? Beavers are pests too. I walked right into that one. I think of it intellectually but he saw it as rascist and demeaning since his people do get discriminated against. That tends to develop a persecution complex...
  7. Arch Dornan

    Insect thread for creepy crawly education

    After an autistic discussion over the ethics of human to animal/insect comparisons I thought I should post a thread for all the insect shit. First off the termite that an anti semite used to compare to Jews. I will never see them the same. Expert builders with just dirt. That anti semite's an...
  8. Arch Dornan

    Intellectuals and Society by Thomas Sowell

    Saw this by Thomas Sowell and I like the idea. Anyone agree? It explains why people fuck up despite perceived competency especially in the world wars.
  9. Arch Dornan

    South Africa Run Out of Tax Payers

    https://mybroadband.co.za/news/business/374216-south-africa-has-run-out-of-taxpayers.html How fucked are you @Scottty ? They're going to loot your pension like a commie bandit.
  10. Arch Dornan

    Amos Yee Charged With Child Porn

    Amos Yee's finally in for it now. https://mothership.sg/2020/10/amos-yee-charged-united-states/
  11. Arch Dornan

    Cancel Culture Advocates Getting Cancelled

    Moviebob wanted to cancel a youtuber over his views over Cuties. But it was he who got cancelled as he found out.
  12. Arch Dornan

    Yanderes and Why People are Enamored with the Idea

    https://www.tokyoreporter.com/crime/woman-accused-of-stabbing-male-acquaintance-i-loved-him-so-much/ @LifeisTiresome @ShieldWife I don't know when a mod will move your posts but I made a thread if you're going to continue. It's a worthy discussion. Get to see what delusions people love to...
  13. Arch Dornan

    Movies Disney's Mulan Live Action Remake

    Yeah no I'd rather rewatch Blade than see that poor fight scene.
  14. Arch Dornan

    Tiny Nuclear Reactors Beginning to be a Reality

    https://www.popularmechanics.com/science/a33896110/tiny-nuclear-reactor-government-approval/ How soon before we get nuclear powered cars?
  15. Arch Dornan

    Shitposter in Chief Mediates Friendlier Relations between Israel and the UAE

    https://nypost.com/2020/08/13/trump-announces-peace-deal-between-israel-united-arab-emirates/ Donald Trump did those meetings again and something happened. Goodie. May it be more fruitful than North Korean meetings.
  16. Arch Dornan

    Cuban Exiles and Their Experiences

    Getting tortured personally by Che? He must have celebrated when Che's days of foreign adventures were over in Bolivia and would pay for a ticket to see him in captivity and spit on him to his execution. The stories of the Cuban exile is quite interesting. The general hoopla I know is Che and...
  17. Arch Dornan

    Landlord gets Decapitated by Samurai Sword Over Not Paying Rent

    https://www.thedailybeast.com/jerry-david-thompson-decapitated-victor-king-with-samurai-sword-over-rent-dispute Now I've seen everything. How many samurai jokes can you think of?
  18. Arch Dornan

    Man Who Didn't Believe in Wearing a Mask Perished from COVID

    https://www.dailydot.com/irl/richard-rose-ohio-covid-death/ Last time I posted in the Wuhan thread about single infections I got threadbanned. So what do you think? I can say more about the coof but it would be rude to his friends and family who died with his choices. Leaving out the mask he...
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