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  1. Seth Vatamaris

    Should villains win more often in fiction?

    Well that depends on the villain because most villain victories I've seen go to the most horrible excuses for what passes as human (or whatever species) Like in Re:Creators, Altair after all the evil she committed just to spite the world including killing a preteen girl who tired to redeem her...
  2. Seth Vatamaris

    Learning about Japan Through Fiction

    Ah Japan a magical and strange place with over 200 flavors for Kit-Kat bars. Okay it's not exactly magical and while some things make more sense when you understand the culture others just don't even with context. Now the main religion of Japan is Shintoism which appears in many works I won't...
  3. Seth Vatamaris

    "Woke" Franchises

    I'll be the first to admit that all of this has messed me up, like a lot. Oh how bad you're asking? In David Annendale's 40K Novel Death of Antognis I had an irrational hatred for Canoness Errant Setheno because certain people said I should be angry about a woman (a high ranking Sister of...
  4. Seth Vatamaris

    History Myths and Misconceptions of History you Hate

    Took me 2 decades to get that much out from my uncle who knew the most but there are still he doesn't like to talk about for reasons we don't know, so please try not to insult my family history.
  5. Seth Vatamaris

    #MeToo and Cancel Culture: Friday is bring your own torches and pitchforks day!

    Here are two videos from one of my favorite Tubers, appabend , who actually gets to the point of the subject and doesn't mince words, the second is more important. I'm sorry for a TLDW but they are important watches And MangaKamen on how Tubers and how controversies are reported
  6. Seth Vatamaris

    History Myths and Misconceptions of History you Hate

    Need to fix an earlier statement No I do not believe in the term "American Concentration Camps" I am just using the most well known misinformation about them, I do know they are Internment Camps which is VERY different and while it brings up the question of human rights and civil liberties...
  7. Seth Vatamaris

    History Myths and Misconceptions of History you Hate

    Lots of moral relativism regarding the Allies in WW2, now ignoring the Soviet Union some douche's like Potential History and The Distributist argue that no the Allies don't have a better reason than the Axis for causing civilian causalities even if the Axis did way worse deliberately. So the...
  8. Seth Vatamaris

    History Myths and Misconceptions of History you Hate

    He hid in the forests of Hawaii so technically the US at the time. I don't have the full story as he is unable to tell me but for the longest time I was least to believe he was in an interment camp. Great Grandad listed himself as Hawaiian and delivered him food. He had left Japan years earlier...
  9. Seth Vatamaris

    History Myths and Misconceptions of History you Hate

    "The world was peaceful, then everything changed when the white man attacked" I'm quoting a video I once watched don't remember if it was parody or serious but the over simplification to outright manipulation of the perspective of thousands of years of history is just flat out propaganda...