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Love the Avatar dude. What is it?
Thanks! It’s called the Fiddler Mech, named after the Fiddler Crab. Think of it as a near-future Metal-Gear inspired bipedal mech for urban combat. One Bofors 40mm autocannon, one 25mm Vulcan autocannon, a 7.62mm Minigun and a quad Javelin ATGM launcher. you should be able to find it on Deviantart. It was so popular they now have a series of resin miniatures based on the concept you can buy and paint.
So. You've had that avatar for years now.

I have no idea what it is, but it looks like an astronaut chilling with his visor down, yet somehow smoking a cigarette.
Chaos Marine
Chaos Marine
I've used avatar for about twenty years now. I can almost kind of see what you see if I squint at it just right.
Hey Tippy, I just finished reading your story set in Warhammer again. It was amazing, there hasn’t been a comparable realistic self insert type story set in 40k written since. I really enjoyed the realism and competence of the protagonist and all the other characters around him. I think I recall reading that you had written an interlude from the perspective of Hax, would it be possible for you to post it? Thanks
Instead of protesting and trying to change the world, first win the war of evil within yourself. To make the world a better place, first do the things you have to do every day. And do them; do them every day. -JP
I love my boy so much he came own and saved me. When I was obliged to save him. He came so tiny and frail yet perfect in my terrified hand. Then and there in that moment my life changed forever. I was no longer *Mike "the brick" *****. I was daddy and I finally had a reason that made life not just worth living. It gave me a mission to ensure this little monkey's success. To strengthen the nation he would inherit I Love America but in abstract. My love and patriotism for this amazing place is intrinsically connected to. The deep Love and duty I feel for my babies
I've realized that the base of both sides of American politics are as tribal as ever, and only want the center to echo what they think, not criticize their sacred cows.

I have a home on neither the Right or Left, because they both only tolerate dissent when they feel safe and sure they will win.
I could be wrong, this is some next level fringe thinking I've only observed occasionally, but it sure is odd how the hubbub around UFO disclosure reemerges just as more spygate records are made public.
Tzeentchean Perspective
Tzeentchean Perspective
Making this situation more funny is how it seems that Carlson is following the trend too, looks like his critics on the right have more ammo.
"The American public doesn't care about Peter Strzok's text messages, this show has let itself be caught up in trivial things before, we won't from now on."
"Hahahaha, UFO footage go whooooosh!"
Oh good, I'm not just jumping at shadows with my "Many wignat accelerationists are disgruntled Bernie bros engaging in LARP" attitude, other people have seen it too.
I'd love to read your stories. The main problem seems to be however that you have them scattered over QuestionableQesting and Spacebattles. And if you have anything here I haven't managed to find it yet. I know what I'm asking for would be a colossal pain in the ass, but could you please gather your stories and put them all either here or questionable questioning?
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Emperor Tippy
Emperor Tippy
Anything on QQ is unlikely to move here, and anything not on QQ is unlikely to move there.

QQ's NSFW rules when it comes to written stuff are "everything is permitted" while TS has more restrictive rules. Considering that when I write those stories it is usually for the purposes of exploring some of the darker parts of human nature, they edge the line of (or outright break) the TS rules.

On the other hand, if a story isn't going to have that kind of NSFW content in it then it will be posted here in future.
I confess, I'm greatly surprised to find you here, of all places.
Lightening_Count is here under his new username... following any hope of a follow up of the Dilgar War or AU of it...
Fair enough
Hello Jarow,

Thanks for the info about ASF, but I do not see any tabs on rules page, main sheet, or any rules page .
Or are you talking about the drop down menus at the bottom of the page?
Your post looked like it came from a google document if it is there my dozen attempts to find it might be a sign of extremely early dementia.

Main sheet - Rules is the first tab, Ground and Aerospace trackers are found further on (see bottom of Google Sheets). There's links on the rules page in K1/K2 to access the TRO Word document and Unit Tracker Sheet; you have to click the box for the link to appear. Alternatively, here's links to each:
Unit Sheet

The table itself I made myself with data from all three and memory
PeaceMaker 03
You Sir,
.... are a BT geek and a gentleman, I am in good company.

Thank you very much
Last night I dreamt I was watching the 2020 election results, where:
-early vote counts showed a bunch of states as red, including CA.
-Nevada went for Trump. Then I woke up.
Good omen?
Only one way to know.

*Starts setting up the co-op dream machine from Inception*

We have to go deeper and get exit poll data.
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