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  1. Ash's Boomstick

    So...I need some help.

    The AD6 currently being used by the Robotech RPG is pretty good, it put the emphases on role play over rolling buckets and focussing on skills and it also can pretty much be used in any game environment with little effort.
  2. Ash's Boomstick

    What If? The Rebel Alliance finds a Stargate.

    Its the days before the Battle of Hoth, while on recon in a recently rediscovered Republic era colony world the Rebel pathfinders discover a larger semi-metallic, semi-stone ring that had been dug up by the former denizens of the world. However it seemed to have been abandoned along with the...
  3. Ash's Boomstick

    "Woke" Franchises

    It says something when a 1990s parody was closer than this monstrosity
  4. Ash's Boomstick

    Fictional "Villains" Who Did Nothing Wrong Thread

    For those of us that haven't played it, could you elucidate?
  5. Ash's Boomstick

    Movies John Wick

    Something to think about with Winston shooting the way he did, we already know that John's suit is practically bulletproof and so he knew that his weapon wouldn't get through it, especially as he was using a relatively lightweight .32 round when he shot. Combine that with the knowledge that John...
  6. Ash's Boomstick

    Star Wars Fanfic Ideas, Recommendations, and Discussions Thread

    One fic idea I had a long time ago I did actually start but never got past a page or two, it was never supposed to be one taken seriously but I was afraid If I did try to go ahead with it then people would and I'd end up with a load of people bitching about how I did it. But I figure you guys...
  7. Ash's Boomstick

    "Woke" Franchises

    Funny thing is none of the Bronies I personally know come under those headings.
  8. Ash's Boomstick

    Star Wars A Chance Encounter and a Different Fate (AU)

    While thats true about the first part, force lightning is still more or less an electricity attack if the aftermath is any indication. It very much depends if Bacle uses The Truce at Bakura as canon, diverting just some of the attack would help although the simple other part is the ability to...
  9. Ash's Boomstick

    Star Wars A Chance Encounter and a Different Fate (AU)

    Thats true enough, shame they didn't think of it during the travel up it would have worked better for him. Although He could just put some rubber on his shoes so it doesn't conduct as much? He does have a dead stormtrooper in there after all, plenty of plastic and rubber there.
  10. Ash's Boomstick

    Star Wars A Chance Encounter and a Different Fate (AU)

    I didn't say secure it, just improve its ability to take electric attacks.
  11. Ash's Boomstick

    Star Wars A Chance Encounter and a Different Fate (AU)

    For me it was the end there, the Skyguy and Snips comments, I've never seen either Clone Wars or Rebels but I know enough via fanfic, convos and of course The Mandolorian to understand what is being talked about. The thing is that a few minutes in a workshop could easily improve Vader's armour...
  12. Ash's Boomstick

    What If? ROB lets you sic a terminator on a historic figure of your choice

    What happens if we send two through time and kill Romulus and/Or Remus? What would happen to the future then (If the legend has any basis in fact?
  13. Ash's Boomstick

    Black Hammer: A Sietch for the Colonized

    Can anyone explain what the terms colonized and colonizer mean in this case?
  14. Ash's Boomstick

    Dune What if: Alia does not fall to the Baron

    Leto II's destiny was always to walk the Golden Path, it would have happened at some point, whether now or later he would have done so. Alia's actions just exacerbated his need to do so, maybe his own future may have changed slightly with more experience under his belt but by and large it would...
  15. Ash's Boomstick

    What If? ROB lets you sic a terminator on a historic figure of your choice

    Would removing Stalin prevent most of the issues that the USSR had from its inception to his death? We're talking purges, mass murders, corruption at the highest levels (although that one would likely exist anyway) the complete crash and burn of their armed forces for years before and during...
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