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You might want to turn the separate quotes of your wordy signature into a table. It's more space efficient.
"In life, war. In death, peace. In life, shame. In death, atonement."
— Final litany of the Litany of Sacrifice, recited by Krieg Korpsmen when entering battle
*Hug the presumably dragon person*
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Lord Greyscale
*hugs back* not actually a dragon-person, more a cat-man.

i do quite like dragons though.
(if nothing else, easier to find good art and figures of dragons than of big cats)
Your name is greyscale! Since when do cats have those!

Scaled cat person!
Temp' banned? What happened?
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Guys I don't think he can reply until the situation gets resolved.
I basically said that all the politicians who knowingly lied about the COVID-19 vaccine and got a fake version for themselves and their families should not be forced to get the real vaccine like some people suggested. I said that they should be executed, after watching their immediate families die before their eyes.
I suppose I should have explained myself, as they don’t seem to have gotten why.

First off, pragmatism. With the immediate family dead, they won’t be around to plot revenge for the righteous punishment their father or mother would be on the receiving end up, if just they were executed. There’s no one to right sorrowful books or movies about what a good person mommy or daddy were, despite having betrayed their nation and poisoned its people. There will be no rewriting of history from the Truth.

And of course, it neatly eliminates those who cannot be trusted and makes way for people who can be.

Second, justice. How many of us will or already have seen our friends, families and loved ones suffer and die before our eyes because of the covid ‘vaccine’? So, what better payback then to make those who lied and betrayed us suffer that fate.