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    Alternate History Vivat Stilicho!
    Threadmarks 676-679: Renovatio Imperii Romanorum, Part III

    676 picked up right where the previous year had left off. Having been alerted to the northward approach of Qasim’s main army on the left bank of the Jordan by his own Christian Arab scouts, Aloysius began to maneuver through the mountains of Galilee to intercept him as soon as weather conditions...
  2. Circle of Willis

    Alternate History Vivat Stilicho!

    @shangrila Thanks for the kind words & constructive criticism! :) Funny enough, in my first draft of this past chapter I actually had a couple more Sayyids dying (either that grandson or nephew of Caliph Qasim), but revised it before posting. In general I am trying to thread a needle between...
  3. Circle of Willis

    Five minutes of hate news

    The FBI can't arrest anyone or conduct even a half-assed investigation into Jane's Revenge for burning down or otherwise vandalizing scores of churches & pregnancy centers around the country, but they absolutely can send a team to forcefully arrest an unarmed pro-life activist at his home for...
  4. Circle of Willis

    Alternate History Vivat Stilicho!
    Threadmarks 672-675: Renovatio Imperii Romanorum, Part II

    The Roman campaign of reconquest more fully came to grips with the Muslim one of plain conquest in 672. From his staging point in southern Armenia, Aloysius was able to sweep southwestward and take back Amida, Birtha[1] and Germanicea[2] before the reinforcements Qasim had sent from Lower...
  5. Circle of Willis

    Alternate History The Pirates Kill Julius Caesar

    Huh. Pretty much, yeah. By the time Caesar was of any relevance, the old Republic was already done for - a victim of its own success in many ways, all the structural issues of a city-state trying to manage an empire spanning the Mediterranean were coming to the fore while its out-of-touch and...
  6. Circle of Willis

    Alternate History The Pirates Kill Julius Caesar

    Would agree with this assessment that someone else simply takes Caesar's place, and they might not be nearly as merciful to their defeated rivals as he was. Ironically, Pompey would be pretty well-positioned to be the Caesar substitute (as far as 'kicking the Optimates' teeth in' goes) in this...
  7. Circle of Willis

    Alternate History Vivat Stilicho!

    The Belisarians have definitely waded into a difficult battle, to be sure. If it drags out, it could prove an even more bloody and challenging one than their war with the Hunas - and after all even lands beyond the Tarim aren't necessarily immune to China's wrath, as the Dayuan/Greco-Bactrians...
  8. Circle of Willis

    Alternate History Vivat Stilicho!
    Threadmarks 668-671: Renovatio Imperii Romanorum, Part I

    668 saw the Romans’ attention taken up by a new foe: the Bulgars, who had been steadily pushing through the sparsely populated and barely defended northernmost territories of the Avars throughout 667 and now neared the Danube. Having crippled and (for now) tamed the Avars in the previous year...
  9. Circle of Willis

    Alternate History Vivat Stilicho!
    Threadmarks 665-667: Katechon

    The Western Roman Empire spent the entirety of 665 preparing for a great eastward offensive in 666, with the double intent of both rescuing its hard-pressed Eastern counterpart and breaking the back of the Avar enemy that had troubled both empires for more than a century. Having effectively...
  10. Circle of Willis

    Meme Thread for Both Posting and Discussing Memes

    Portland and Seattle are Antifa Central, and I'd say Antifa basically are the closest America has to the lowest order of Orcs - snaga, cowardly sadists who revel in degeneracy and terrorizing those weaker than them, but whose cowardice matches their cruelty and who are completely lacking in...
  11. Circle of Willis

    The Americas The Tyranny of Trudeau's Canada

    I'll give it until we're a lot closer to 2025, allowing for the possibility (though unlikely, as Singh seems quite content to be Trudeau's lapdog) of the collapse of the Lib-NDP coalition and ensuing early election. And/or a second Freedom Convoy-esque event that Trudeau might use as an excuse...
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