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    Alternate History Altremer Project on YouTube

    The trailer looks pretty neat, I'll have to give this a watch. Nice to see that it's dropping less than a week from now. As for Varna, tbh I've always thought that pushing the Crusade of Nicopolis back a few years to line up with the Timurid pain train pulling into station & ensuing Ottoman...
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    Alternate History Vivat Stilicho!
    Threadmarks: 886-890: Moves and countermoves

    The dawn of 886 brought with it continued political games within the upper echelons of the Holy Roman Empire, even if there was peace to be found without. To retaliate against the Pendragons' attempted play within Hispania, Yésaréyu and Alexandra hoped to win the Rædwaldings over to their cause...
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    Alternate History Ideas and Discussion

    No, I meant what I said, the literal East Indonesia of history. There's a clickable link right there...
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    Alternate History Vivat Stilicho!
    Threadmarks: 881-885: The Empress and the Princess

    Although the war with the Vikings may have ended in Roman Britain, 881 would demonstrate that that did not necessarily mean an end to all hostilities across the British Isles. Even as most of his federates went home, their job finished, and he himself planned to leave Britannia behind with his...
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    Alternate History Ideas and Discussion

    Three what-ifs for three countries whose names start with 'I', involving the historical losers in each of these scenarios... 1) 'Ireland (and their Spanish backers) wins the Nine Years' War' 2) 'Eugene de Beauharnais and the Napoleonic Kingdom of Italy of which he was his stepdad's governor...
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    Bad Worldbuilding of Westeros

    Running a bit late and it seems most of what I wanted to say has been said already, but I'll add that the ready availability of a fairly reliable and convenient contraceptive should produce a far more sexually liberal culture, from whenever moon tea was invented (which I would assume to be...
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    Meme Thread for Both Posting and Discussing Memes

    That last one was from a real Argentine news broadcast, BTW. And it wasn't even intended to be a positive comparison, the journos in said broadcast seem to like Milei about as much as CNN likes Trump according to the subtitles. The man had some of that 2016 meme magic helping him out for sure.
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    Alternate History Vivat Stilicho!
    Threadmarks: 876-880: Furore Normannorum, Part II

    Having managed to grind the war in the east to a halt at long last, even at the cost of a federate kingdom and the Caesar, the Romans now spent 876 turning their attention westward. Aloysius III was no doubt in a foul mood as he did so, for this was the second time an emergent threat west of the...
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    Bad Worldbuilding of Westeros

    I've heard Westeros be best described as a 'theme park version of medieval Europe'. All the intricacies of things like the linguistic & ethnic heterogeneity, feudal system, religion, etc. have been massively simplified and altered for the 'modern audience' and you bet Martin's own background as...
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    Alternate History Vivat Stilicho!

    I wouldn't dismiss the fall of the Ghassanids too quickly. Yeah, it doesn't seem all that impressive on a map (not that the guy most responsible for ensuring this gain lasts can read those anyway), but it still does represent the loss of a strategically important march territory held by a proven...