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  1. Hlaalu Agent

    Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum

    I have little to no idea, but from my limited amount of knowledge...I'd say Bill Gates. The man has the drive, the evil, and the resources to pull it off.
  2. Hlaalu Agent

    Five minutes of hate news

    Yes, Germany caused the World Wars and not the nation known for invading every corner of the globe and intentionally dicked and still dicks with the continent for their geopolitical ends (and also force-fed another nation drugs and then invaded them when they dared protect their citizens), the...
  3. Hlaalu Agent

    Russia(gate/bot) Russia-Ukraine War Political Discussion

    Operation Enduring Cyka.
  4. Hlaalu Agent

    The Americas The Tyranny of Trudeau's Canada

    I am sure he will try, but the bell is tolling and it is tolling for him. Yes and they changed the name due to the fact that it would have caused confusion with some British show.
  5. Hlaalu Agent

    The Americas The Tyranny of Trudeau's Canada

    That very well may be, but from where I am standing what Biden and his ilk are up to is very concerning and even moreso than Trudeau is. Trudeau literally walks back things that Biden wouldn't, Trudeau isn't quite at the stage of abusing intelligence agencies to attack political opponents, nor...
  6. Hlaalu Agent

    The Americas The Tyranny of Trudeau's Canada

    Naw, that it less suicide booth and more Soylent Green. All you need is some music and showing how the world used to be and it would map 100%. People are getting tired of him. Even his own half-brother is disavowing him and wanting him out. This is just one of Canada's cycles, we get a...
  7. Hlaalu Agent

    United States US State Governorships Megathread

    If the Repubs can win Oregon, that bides pretty well for the USA and gives me more hope that the same momentum might be building here.
  8. Hlaalu Agent

    The Americas The Tyranny of Trudeau's Canada

    You probably should know such things, since they are quite universal. Roman History can teach people in say China about many things. And Chinese history can likewise teach people in the city of Rome many things. Like not catching people in a catch-22 where they are forced to act for fear of...
  9. Hlaalu Agent

    Armchair General's DonbAss Derailed Discussion Thread (Topics Include History, Traps, and the Ongoing Slavic Civil War plus much much more)

    So they are putting the Screws on Putin? Very Good. Maybe we can get someone who doesn't invade other countries and can maintain whatever remains of Russia's sphere through more sensible means. Ideally we can get Russia out of the Ukraine and avoid a power vacuum in the region,
  10. Hlaalu Agent

    Kosovo Being Interesting Again

    Visit the sites that date from antiquity and walk the same ground that Megas Alexandros did?
  11. Hlaalu Agent

    The Americas The Tyranny of Trudeau's Canada

    The best policy is for the West to act like Quebec, it would allow for better bargaining power... and it might allow the hands of the Federal Government to be twisted...to more constructive ends. Hell, there probably should be a block that includes most of BC (outside of the Lower Mainland), the...
  12. Hlaalu Agent

    Russia(gate/bot) Russia-Ukraine War Political Discussion

    He, honestly, doesn't sound like a leftist to me. He sounds like he is sick and tired of the centralization of power in the hands off the few and foreigners buying up people's countries from under them. Such things are definitely things subscribed to by people on the right, and at least some...
  13. Hlaalu Agent

    ROB decides that Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged is a good Idea, puts you in charge of setting up Q's trial, and possibly others.

    Answering this, because @Emperor Tippy does have some good points. Well, I think I could charge them with being what they would deride other species for writ large. After all, they literally had a civil war with metaphorical muskets that blew up stars as a consequence of their use. I'll...
  14. Hlaalu Agent

    Immigration and multiculturalism news

    This is the USA, you can be sued for anything. Though covering your ass like that is still the best policy.
  15. Hlaalu Agent

    United States US State Governorships Megathread

    Don't know, I live pretty far from the border.
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