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    Famous B-Movie Director Albert Pyun Wants to Hear From His Fans...

    Albert Pyun, whose directed excellent films such as Cyborg and The Sorcerer and the Stone as well as the FIRST Captain America movie for Cannon Films, is apparently in very poor health and doesn't have much time left. Sadly his Wife posted on Facebook that she's reading him messages from fans...
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    Five minutes of hate news

    New Thread Made About the (Allegedly) NonBinary Neo-Nazi Mentally Ill Queer Fluid SuperPatriot that Shot Up the Gay Night Club Because He's (Allegedly) A Self Hating NonBinary Neo-Nazi Mentally Ill Queer Fluid SuperPatriot...
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    United States 2022 Midterms: United States Senate Dicussion Thread

    "It stuffs the ballot in the box or it gets the hose again..."
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    Culture (Cringey) Excellence in Games Journalism 101

    I would like to extend formal congratulations to Maxwell Alejandro Frost, the first Gen Z Congresshuman and certified Kingdom Hearts fan!
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    Media/Journalism Cringe Megathread - Hot off the Presses
    Staff Thread Purpose and Pruning

    As stated before including in Staff Posts, this Thread is Meant for Discussion of Cringe Journalists, Journalism and News Media in General. It's not a discussion on general news or public figures like politicians or celebrities and the like. As stated before... Posts have been moved to the...
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    Fallout Fallout General Thread - War, War Never Changes. Nor do game engines.

    Never Forget... We were going to Win The Resource Wars When the Cowardly Red Chinese Decided to Launch Nukes today. Still a victory is a victory and Red China was knocked back to the Stone Age with Communism Successfully Eradicated from the World. I don't want to hear any of this "bothsame"...
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    Suggestions Posting links from Odysee

    I'll ask the Boss. It might be covered by the big forum update which will cover Rumble and other media sites.
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    Russia(gate/bot) Russia-Ukraine War Political Discussion
    Staff Mod Post Warning

    Participants in this Discussion Need to Take a Step Back and Calm down. Stop with the Personal Attacks and Ad Hominems and Other Aggressive and Unproductive Shit Posting. Try to Keep the Discussion (Relatively) Civil Henceforth or Threadbans Will Be Issued.
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    German News - Old News Today
    Staff New Thread Made

    New Thread Made regarding discussions pertaining to German-Polish Friendship. https://www.the-sietch.com/index.php?threads/german-polish-eternal-friendship-derangement-thread-no-reparations-for-participation.9438/ Now I demand reparations for the ten minutes of my life stolen from me pruning...
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    Yesterday's enterprise vs. the actual TNG

  11. LTR

    Sietch Memes

    Hard at Work Hardly Working. Gotta jump on these meme image bandwagons before its played out.
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    Excellence in Shitlording

    I can't believe a White family drove to an Internment Camp Museum in the middle of the Sierra Nevada Mountains just to loudly declare this must be Fake News... Literally shaking now. I couldn't remain silent.
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    Taiwan Straights Tension
    Rules Thread Title Changed

    Changed The Thread Title and Collated Discussion to this Thread Since the Current Taiwan Tensions/Crisis is Worthy of Its Own Discussion.
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    #MeToo and Cancel Culture: Friday is bring your own torches and pitchforks day!

    New Thread Made Since It Has Become a Significant Topic of Discussion https://www.the-sietch.com/index.php?threads/blaine-pardoe-battletech-author-cancelled-for-conservative-political-belief.8821/
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    Battletech Blaine Pardoe, Battletech Author Cancelled For Conservative Political Belief

    New Thread Made Since It Has Become a Significant Topic of Discussion
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