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The Sietch

Circle of Willis
Circle of Willis
Hey, sorry for taking so long to reply - I thought I'd actually replied to this back on Tuesday when I first got your message. Right now I'm still pretty much totally focused on Vivat Stilicho, and from my endeavor I can definitely recommend Ian Hughes' Stilicho: The Vandal Who Saved Rome as far as works on (Late) Antiquity go. Fascinating study of the Romans' situation around the turn of the 5th century that IMO does a pretty good job of drawing on & straightening out the rather messy primary sources available on & from the period, and I found Hughes' interpretation of Stilicho's various decisions to be both well-supported & relatively free of bias either for or against the Romano-Vandal. Overall that book was critical to VS' early chapters and helpful in making quite a few of my writing decisions back then, like my characterization of Stilicho's and Alaric's relationship as a somewhat rocky but ultimately friendly one.
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