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    Leftist Child Grooming

    To far is the mustache man,the correct amount is Pinochet it isn't overly complicated
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    China ChiCom News Thread

    Them surpassing us is irrelevant I can beat up alot of 150lbs dudes buy doing so will still get me a broken nose in many cases. I mean fair enough since its literally a matter of degree, I 100% belive well win just as you do. It's simply a matter of how hard winning will be,not all victories...
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    China ChiCom News Thread

    Ses that's where our disagreement stems from,I don't believe that China is what they think they are but I do believe they are a serious power. We're all nerds here in my opinion the PRC is basically Cardassia and the US is the UFP. The UFP of they decided to really throw down would beat the...
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    China ChiCom News Thread

    You also have to understand that a fight with them isn't going to be a cakewalk. Now I have no doubt that we(America) would win the fight but we will have to actually try. It wouldn't be say rolling Iraq in a few months or killing the Vietnamese until we got bored.
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    China ChiCom News Thread

    Fair enough I don't necessarily disagree but the context of history should never be ignored.
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    China ChiCom News Thread

    The scrawny kid who has a solid left hook can still break your nose and black your eye before he goes down. Underestimating your enemy is a seriously bad strategy.....As for the first posy my point wasn't that they are currently top dawg but that they have a very good reason for such arrogance...
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    China ChiCom News Thread

    The issue with this is although the PRC isn't yet Tyson they are definitely a strong country say a Mayweather. A solidly powerful middle weight who's trying to compete with heavyweights,so basically they are most definitely a threat that has to be taken seriously. Even if they don't need to be...
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    US Military is now using anime Neon Genesis Evangelion. Misato Katsuragi cosplayer Recruitment skyrockets

    So the military is marketing itself to young men as they have done since the Roman Legions minimum? What is the issue here,you can object to the wars we fight but pretending that armies recruiting young men is somehow new or bad is absurd. Military forces have literally always been composed...
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    ROB gives the US invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq a bit of a boost.

    Horses are certainly a tech we bred them for thousands of years for warfare and economic activity. Why are the worms different? See also dogs,cattle,goats,and basically any domesticated animals.
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    China ChiCom News Thread

    To be fair that stereotype was actually true the Geeat Wall was built to prevent tech transfer to nomads. Who would get advanced Chinese tech and philosophies then invade and conquer China. The Chi Coms corrupting said stereotype for thiet own insidious ends is irrelevant to it being the reality...
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    "TradWives" Triggering Unhappy Feminists

    That's my conclusion as well from the "redpill" stuff that I have seen.
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    Why get married

    In a vacuum being in a monogamous marriage is demonstratably good for both yourself and society. Yet in the current legal,social,and political climate in the West doing so simply isn't a wise decision for a mam. So paradoxically being married for an American man is simultaneously the correct...
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    Do you feel having kids is important and is it something that you desire for yourself?

    As the title says,discuss your personal philosophy and views on being a parent.
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    Israel 🇮🇱 State of Israel Thread

    Frankly excepting maybe the Iranians the Jews are fully capable of whooping every one of thier neighbors. Both quickly and quite easily as they have throughly demonstrated in every single confrontation between the two. Multiple times across nearly a century as well the Arabs are seriously s*it...
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    Science Debate On Evolution Not Being Up For Debate... Debate.

    What I've always found amusing is that in its basic form evolution doesn't necessarily preclude God creating things. Think about it in Genisis we are told that man is made in God's image. He will by that definition presumably be at least a little bit lazy at times,and because of that. Just as...
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    Immigration and multiculturalism news

    This is terrible but personally I had my eyes open to the reality of what the cops truly are by Uvalde. No one who stands by and willing allows children to be executed deserves anything but utter contempt.....Anyway I find it interesting that just as Dublin is passing laws of this nature. The...
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    Antifa, Just an Idea

    You had a good bit of pushback from the South in the 60s as well. Whether it was to the level of the current Elite is debatable but it was certainly intense.
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    United States Anti-Semitism in the United States (and elsewhere)

    Our grandpa's stomped the actual Nazis out by and large,the idea that the American right hates Jews is frankly absurd. Because for the vast majority of us regardless of race we grew up thinking of America as storming Normandy to save the world...
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    Paternity Un(certainty): or, Why Women Should be Allowed to Lie About Paternity

    Naw I had a few drinks and my phone,apologies whiskey is a bitch sometimes.
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    "TradWives" Triggering Unhappy Feminists

    I agree with young dudes I've seen a growing contempt for women in general. Not just online either they need to stop because if these young women dont. Then they will experience the reason why men invented things like honor and chivalry. Because it's going away very fast and OGs like me and you...