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  1. Trace Coburn

    Urban Fantasy Valhalla Can Wait [Buffy the Vampire Slayer, original-character-centric]
    Threadmarks: Prologue

    Everyone knows the canonical life-story of Buffy Summers, the Sunnydale Slayer; it's an epic tale of heroism, tragic romance, mental trauma, and survival despite often-impossible odds. But everyone is the hero of their own life-story. Whether it's an epic, a tragedy, or a grim warning tale with...
  2. MarkWarrior

    Let Us Unite: A Battletech AU
    Threadmarks: Prologue

    Prologue(Part 1) Date: December 27, 2766 Location: Unity City, Terra Terran Hegemony She blinked at the screen in front of her, a heavy breath leaving her lungs as she fought for the letters to stop blurring together. Rolling her chair back a bit, she laid her head down on the handbuilt...
  3. MarkWarrior

    Falcon's Rising
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1(rewritten)

    Alternate beginnings (Rewritten Chapter) Unknown Star system, Manassas March 15, 3000 "It's a good thing I'm descended from generations of farmers," I sighed as I looked at the seed stocks that had been stowed away in vacuum-sealed containers. "I'm gonna have to load up some of those tractors...
  4. MarkWarrior

    Beyond the Horizon
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1

    Chapter 1 “What kind of haul did we get, captain?” Kagrom Bek'cah asked as their frigate pulled away from Korlus. “I noticed we picked up a Krogan and some other valuable slaves and was wondering what kinda prices we were trying to fetch for ‘em?” “I reckon the Krogan will fetch a higher...
  5. MarkWarrior

    The Good Tenant(A Resident Evil SI/OC)
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1

    Chapter 1 “Ow!” I muttered as my body ached and my muscles were sore. “Where the hell am I?” I looked around at my surroundings for a moment in shock and awe before patting myself down for any possible injuries. “Alright, I don’t have any new holes, and I’m not bleeding from anywhere,” I...