1. Sergeant Foley

    Rest In Peace Brazilian soccer legend Pele dies at 82
    Threadmarks: Rest in Peace to one of the best soccer players and three-time World Cup champions

    Rest in Peace to one of the best soccer legends: Pele. You'll never be forgotten!
  2. Sergeant Foley

    Artwork Best Flags in the World
    Threadmarks: Morning everyone

    Morning Sietch family and everyone else. I decided to start a Megathread discussion on the Best Flags of the World. Enjoy!
  3. 49ersfootball

    The Americas 🇧🇷 Federative Republic of Brazil Discussion Megathread

    Good afternoon Sietch family. Here's a discussion megathread on the Federative Republic of Brazil. Enjoy!
  4. TheRejectionist

    Alternate History My Kaiserreich Endgame
    Threadmarks: послевоенный мир - The Postwar World