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  1. Sergeant Foley

    Artwork Best Flags in the World
    Threadmarks: Morning everyone

    Morning Sietch family and everyone else. I decided to start a Megathread discussion on the Best Flags of the World. Enjoy!
  2. Sergeant Foley

    Alternate History November 13, 1983: The Day That Shocked The World
    Threadmarks: Coming Soon 😎

    COMING SOON.................... November 12, 1983 Seoul, Republic of Korea
  3. 49ersfootball

    Breaking News Former Korean President Chun Doo-hwan dies of blood cancer at the age of 90
    Threadmarks: BREAKING NEWS!

    Good Morning Sietch family. Just woke up to the stunning news out of Seoul that former Korean President Chun Doo-hwan passed away from blood cancer at the age of 90. This comes less than a month after former Korean President Roh Tae-woo died on October 26th. Do NOT expect Chun to be afforded a...
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    Asia-Pacific 🇰🇷 Republic of Korea Thread
    Threadmarks: Making the Republic of Korea GREAT AGAIN!

    Howdy from the Alamo City Sietch family. Here's a discussion thread on the history of the Republic of Korea. I'll include some archived videos from back in the Good Ole Days: Enjoy!
  5. 49ersfootball

    December 9th, 1986: The Busan Incident that shocked the world & its ramifications (The TL)
    Threadmarks: How the December 9th, 1986 Incident altered Korea....

    COMING SOON.... The moment Korea was altered....