Humanity's Defenders run a save Humanity Gauntlet

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"Prime" Heaven (Supernatural TV Show) <<No God but Archangels are allowed>>
"Composite" Era Last City (Destiny 2)
"Book/Movie Composite" Corrino Imperium and Dune Houses (Dune duh)
"Composite Cinematic verse" Starship Troopers Federation (Starship Troopers)

These factions have perfect team work/unity and get 10 years of prep time before each round to build up a military force/defense force. The goal of each round is to save/preserve humanity from harm or destruction once successful they move on to the next objective.

Round 1. DOOM Earth. The Slayer isn't present so these factions most stop the invasion from hell

Round 2.
Composite War of the Worlds Aliens. The aliens in some sort of composite fusion attack Earth.

Round 3. The Brethren Moons (Deadspace 3) attack Earth in full force.

Round 4. The Reaper Invasion force of ME3 (Only the ones in the Sol System during the final battle)

Round 5. Ancient Humanity must be defended against the Flood and Forerunners (Ancient Humanity as a civilization must not fall).

Round 6. Warhammer40k Imperium under Gulliman gets aid from these four factions, can he push back Chaos and eliminate the threat of the Orkz, Nids and Necrons?
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What's a good force sub replacement for Destiny Earth?
Cause Destiny is so OP I'ma have to give them two replacements for the price of one.

Composite Men in Black (OP Sci-Fi Technology)

PLUS Composite Era Jedi Order (Old Republic, Clone Wars, New Jedi Order, Jedi Survivors post purge basically every generation of Jedi combined any Jedi that ever lived and died or served the order is present. BUT only Human Jedi no Master Yoda but Revan, Mace Windu and so on are included)

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