1. VictortheMonarch

    Alternate History Land of the Christian Sun - Shimabara SI
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    before I begin let me just say that I do not in any way support violence against people of other faiths. People can have their own differing opinions and beliefs. If you are of similar beliefs to the point that you get triggered by a story where a faith is spread and used as a casus belli for...
  2. VictortheMonarch

    WI - USA drops the Tsar Bomba on Nagasaki and Hiroshima

    What if instead of the 15 and 21 Kiloton Little Boy and Fat-Man that dropped on the cities, America drops two 50 Kiloton Tsar Bomba's. What happens now?
  3. Sergeant Foley

    Artwork Best Flags in the World
    Threadmarks: Morning everyone

    Morning Sietch family and everyone else. I decided to start a Megathread discussion on the Best Flags of the World. Enjoy!
  4. Batrix2070

    An uninvited guest in Sengaku Jidai, or PLC in the Golden Age visits Japan.

    Okay, so while riding the train yesterday I accidentally ran into this scenario. Namely, some ASB decides for a joke and trolling, create a portal/gate in 1550 which on one side is located under a city in Poland called Radom, and the other entrance is located under the town of Inazawa in Owari...
  5. Batrix2070

    Two White Eagles (Nihonkoku Shoukan fic)
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    25 March 1638 Central Calendar Years The Dragon Kingdom of Eimor Hall of Fortune Thirty-five of the most powerful Dragonids gathered, as they do every year, according to their traditional calendar, on the first day of the new year, which is every two human years, to begin divination to show the...
  6. VictortheMonarch

    Altan The Golden - Ghost of Tsushima SI
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    Komodo Beach was a somber sight of what was to come. The battles, the violence, the death. I was no stranger to it, my father had ensured that enough. Taking me on the Conquest of Goryeo, we visited death quite often, more than nought visiting it upon others. Still, I felt somewhat...