1. Sergeant Foley

    Artwork Best Flags in the World
    Threadmarks: Morning everyone

    Morning Sietch family and everyone else. I decided to start a Megathread discussion on the Best Flags of the World. Enjoy!
  2. Sergeant Foley

    Alternate History 📰 EAGLE IS DOWN: November 23, 1996: The Clinton Assassination and Ramifications....
    Threadmarks: Fallen Eagle....

    COMING SOON..... Good evening folks. I've been intrigued by what if timelines ranging from Talk Elections, AH, Sietch, etc., on multiple topics. But I am intrigued by what would've been the impact and ramifications for the US if Clinton had been assassinated during the 1996 APEC Summit. Feel...
  3. 49ersfootball

    Asia-Pacific 🇵🇭 The Philippines Thread 😎
    Threadmarks: Mabuhay Republika da Pilipinas

    Howdy from the Alamo City Sietch family. Here's a discussion thread about the Republi of the Philippines ranging from politics, foreign policy, entertainment, vacation hotspots, etc., Enjoy!
  4. 49ersfootball

    Former Philippine President Benigno Aquino III passes away at 61

    Sad news from the Philippines. Reports confirm that former Philippine President Benigno SC Aquino, III, who served as the 15th President of the Philippines from June 30th, 2010 to June 30th, 2016, passed away in his sleep according to his family. He was 61 years old. This leaves only 3 former...