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The Asymmetrics are a cryptozoological species vaguely resembling humanoid figures cut in half, with their single arm elongated so that they can knuckle-walk which are said to exist simultaneously exists in two separate universes and we can only see the portions of their bodies present in ours.

For every Asymmetric we see here, Somewhere Else, there's a mirror-image copy which is their other half and that's the source of their powers and weaknesses.

Asymmetrics can sometimes fly, seemingly supporting themselves in midair by climbing on objects only present in one of the two realities they exist in. They can sometimes go indefinitely without seemingly needing to eat, drink or breath if their other halves have their own sources of calories, water and oxygen. Sometimes they're trapped by seemingly nonexistent blockages and barriers or pursued by seemingly nonexistent enemies. And to the denizens of the other world containing their other halves, all of that is also true in reverse.


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The first and to my knowledge, only piece of fanart for Nicholas Sansbury Smith's Hell Divers series, a clay sculpture of a Siren. I tried to get all the details as accurate to the books as possible:
  • Vaguely humanoid anatomy, but quadrupedal with the forelimbs and hindlimbs being of equivalent length.
  • Grayish leathery skin.
  • Only facial features are an enormous mouth with equivalently oversized teeth.
  • Spines along the backbone which are hinged to unfurl open to reveal extendable batlike wings.

Bear Ribs

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Looks like you're branching out more, your art's significantly more varied than when you started this thread. That's impressive work.

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