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Aug 13, 2019
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The Drakwald
1896-97: The Great Airship Scare. The sighting of mysterious airships started in 1870 but truly became widespread across North America and Europe in the mid to late 1890's. The unexplained phenomena was so pervasive that even Thomas Edison had to publicly and strongly deny he was behind these strange occurrences. An astronomical observatory outside of Ottershaw England claims the activity coincided with activity on the surface of Mars.
1911: The Thule Society, one of the first modern paranormal belief based organizations, is founded in Germany. Similar secret societies and organizations are later established (or re-established) in other major nations.
1939: The Invasion of Poland by Nazi Germany is considered the start of the Second World War. The War is fought on many fronts beyond that of conventional means. Throughout the war, rumors of various amounts of substantiation and reliability arise in regards to 'wonder weapons,' secret societies, applicable pseudoscience, 'foo fighters', the occult and other paranormal activity.
1945: After experiences in World War Two several Allied governments including the United States, Great Britain and Soviet Union invest into research of the paranormal.
1946-57: The first great wave of UFO sightings takes place with sightings reported almost worldwide. Though secrecy is maintained, major governments become aware of extraterrestrial life and proof that they have visited Earth and partially responsible for these reports. Project Grudge, Sign and Bluebook are undertaken to publicly investigate the phenomenon and just as importantly gauge public perception.
1968-78: A wave of UFO sightings is reported in the Soviet Union and largely covered up. Other serious sightings are reported in several neighboring countries including Iran, Finland, Yugoslavia and Poland.
1985: At the Lake Geneva Summit, President Reagan and General-Secretary Gorbachev surreptitiously agree to high level cooperation on investigating extraterrestrial phenomena. Disclosure of this conversation is played off as political eccentricities from President Reagan.
1986: UFO sightings begin to increase dramatically once more.
1989: The beginning of the end of the Cold War and the contest between the two superpower backed alliances. UFO sightings continue to accelerate and eventually expand to other developing nations such as Brazil and South Africa.
1996: Unlike the previous waves of UFO sightings, this one does not taper off. At first, serious scientists write off the reports as hype surrounding the 50th anniversary of the Roswell incident. Reports soon infiltrate major media outlets.
1998: The first documented and verified cases of animal mutilation, then Human abductions are reported throughout the world in sparsely populated areas. World governments step up their military readiness as 'soft disclosure' of the existence of extraterrestrial life is eventually realized by the general public in spite of initial skepticism by the scientific community and increasingly porous news blackouts. Governments and scientists begin attempts at making contact with the aliens. The United Nations Security Council holds a clandestine summit in Geneva, Switzerland. The search for a Commander of the organization proposed in this meeting begins.

It had been known for at least a half century, perhaps even longer that we were not alone in this Universe. But now Humanity faces an unprecedented threat, Alien Invasion. Some might argue that invasion is too strong a term. No large scale battles have been fought, territories conquered, cities occupied by otherworldly armies or flying saucers hovering over the White House yet. But recent events have shown that while we know scant little of the extraterrestrials or their motives, technology, beliefs or goals, they have presented a clear and present danger to Human civilization.

Whatever actions we undertake, whatever missions we prosecute, whatever mandate we choose to operate under, our primary mission is the defense of Humanity. Defense implies combat, but research and intelligence gathering are just as important. Their technology is superior to ours in almost every way including in military capabilities which leaves a question of motive. Sure the presence of aliens is a threat, but how long have they been here? Why are they escalating now, from mere observation to interference, abductions, and even outright attacks? What do they want with Humanity... or Earth itself?

If we as a society, as a civilization, are to survive we must be courageous. While we would welcome peaceful coexistence as a victory, we must be prepared for the long war. And it is a war we can win. Humanity has been an open book to the Alien threat for at least a century now but the tide is turning. Every encounter, every engagement, every scrap of information we can glean from the Extraterrestrials is knowledge we have gained and an advantage removed from our mysterious adversaries in this clash of civilizations. We wish you luck Commander.

- United Nations Special Council of Funding Nations

This quest will involve the main character being controlled in a CYOA style format, where a series of choices will be presented to the readers who will elect the path or avenue to be taken, starting from character generation to developing the apparatus to defend against the alien threat and beyond. Along with developing the 'Commander' character, the readers will be charged with securing funding, recruiting personnel, acquiring equipment and developing the organization that will be Earth's first and potentially only line of defense against the known unknown threat of our extraterrestrial visitors. To do this, the Commander will curry and exchange influence with various organizations, including governments and their agencies, military branches, corporations, and other non-governmental organizations. They will acquire resources ranging from actual funding, to fighter jets to fallout shelters. And they will build upon and improve the Commander and their development as well. And mysterious aliens won't be the only adversaries as well. Parallel organizations with merely competitive or directly antagonistic intent will also arise and need to be dealt with. The world was a complicated place before the current conflict and the presence of extraterrestrials certainly hasn't simplified things any.


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Aug 13, 2019
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The Drakwald
Dope, so we’re starting in 1998?

The initial posts will be about character generation and help flesh some details of the background of the world in general as well as what organization(s) she may have been a part of... help detail her or his own background and that of the world. The introductory segment would help build up the characters own traits and skills and abilities, and more importantly the resources they'll have on hand as they begin as Commander and the amount of influence and resources they'll be immediately be able to access in the future. So most of that will have already taken place in the near past.

But once we progress beyond the interactive setup stages, we'll be starting in very late 1998 and into 1999 though keeping in mind this is an alternate timeline we won't have to keep things strictly as per ours whether technologically or politically/socially et cetera.


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Aug 13, 2019
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The Drakwald
Cool. I'll see about getting an introduction post up in a new IC thread with the first CYOA choices if not tonight then the next few days. Keep this one open for discussiong and ruthless criticism of the writer in charge as they stumble through their first attempt at a Quest. :p


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Aug 13, 2019
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The Drakwald
I'll get a post up soon... but I wanted to run by some of the notes I had scribbled up... don't worry it's not a wall of text.

Basically the concept I have in mind is that the main focus is preparing Earth for these dastardly alien meddlings and since it's a semi-secret operation (ala X-Com style) the way the story will progress will be done in a CYOA manner as stated before and building up on both character growth (via skills and traits) and gaining influence or favors with organizations so y'all have some idea of what ramifications your choices will have when I put the first post up.

Skills will go from basic, proficient, skilled, expert and master... a basic one to five scale. Still pondering if all non-exotic skills will start off with a 1 ranking or not or if it'll be based on background (ie a military background gives you a basic skill in a yuge swath of skills. Subskills are ones with... sub skills. And Exotic skills are ones that are... well.. exotic.

Animal Handling (sub skills)
Athletics (sub skills)
Behavioralism (gaining insight from people based on their behaviors, basically reading people)
Blind Action (exotic)
Brawling (street fighting)
Communications (using low and high tech communications)
Computer Programming
Computer Use
Cryptozoology (Exotic)
Diplomacy (Formal Bargaining and Negotiation)
Dealmaking (Informal Bargaining and Negotiation)
Editing (video and audio editing for various reasons)
Engineering (sub skills)
Fine Arts (sub skills) (theater, painting, drawing, writing et cetera)
First Aid
Gun Fu (Exotic)
Gunnery (vehicle mounted heavy weapons)
Humanities (sub skills) (Economics, Sociology, et cetera)
Infiltration (also breaking and entering)
Investigation (including deductive reasoning)
Language (sub skill)
Logistics (able to organize supplies or inventory efficiently)
Martial Arts (sub skills)
Medical (sub skills)
Melee Weapon (sub skills)
Oratory (public speaking)
Parapsychology (exotic)
Pilot (sub skill)
Psionics (exotic) (knowledge of psionics, not popping out peoples brains... yet)
Repair (sub skill)
Ritual/Occult (exotic)
Science (sub skill)
Security (securing locations or people)
Shadow (following people while unseen)
Sleight of Hand
Survival (sub skill)
Small Arms (sub skill)
Zero Gravity Movement (exotic)

Different then skills... these things are experienced/acquired as opposed to something you can just train in. This will expand over time

Combat Veteran
Legally Dead (but not literally!)
Guardian Angel
Nowhere (No Records of Character)
Politically Safe
Psionic Void
Wanted (By more then evil aliens it seems and likely not in a good way)

Influence and Favors are what you will use, beyond UN Council of Funding Nations... funding... to create and support your very own shadowy organization.

Influence: The amount of support an organization will give you or your organization. You might be able to buy aircraft, or facilities, or recruit personnel from these organizations.
Favors: A one time opportunity to request something from that organization on a temporary or expendable basis. Sometimes can be gained/lost via quid pro quo. You won't get a single kickass FBI HRT member for one of your secret Black Ops teams, but you might be able to use the resources of FBI HRT for a single mission.

Influence will be ranked much like skills... one a scale of one to five mostly likely and can rise and drop with the choices made and actions that transpire. Whether favors can be successfully called in will be based on the influence level you have with that organization and how ambitious your request is. Access to a Lab or Records might be a Level One Favor, asking a Special Forces Team to engage extraterrestrial hostiles in a random suburb would be a pretty hard Level Five Favor and might have influence ramifications even if successful with the roll of a dice.

(list will be growing and the following are examples)
United Nations Council of Funding Nations
> Main Supply of Funds to Your Organization

United States White House:
> Political Protection
> Exerting favors from other US agencies/groups

US Congressperson:
Political Protection
> Horse Trading Favors on a favorable basis (ie 2 to 1)

Brotherhood: Probably Terrorists

Illuminati: Doesn't exist... sorry.

The Patriots: Allegedly Secret Cabal of High Ranking US Military Personnel

The Trust: Allegedly Secret Cabal of High Ranking Intelligence Personnel and Political Operators

Department of Justice: USMS (Marshal Service), FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation), ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms), DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency)
> Access to Recruitment of Department of Justice Personnel and equipment acquisition
> Asset Forfeiture (USMS, DEA) - Seizure of Assets Associated with Criminal Actions
> Access to SOG Protection (USMS) - Elite LEO close protection to personnel and convoys
> Access to WITSEC (USMS) - Witness Protection Access or Usage
> Access to Forensic Crime Labs (FBI)
> Access to DNA Database (FBI)
> Access to HRT (FBI) - Hostage Rescue Team, elite SWAT team highly trained in hostage rescue
> Access to SWAT Team (FBI, ATF, DEA)
> Search and Seizure (ATF, DEA) - Obtain warrants to search assets or properties and seize potentially illegal contraband
> Police Cooperation - Ensure Local Police Cooperation for investigations, media relations or securing a perimeter etc
> Access to Criminal Databases (All) - Fingerprints, Criminal Records etc
> Legal Resources (All) - Place DoJ legal or prosecutorial pressure on private individuals or enterprises.

Department of Homeland Security: USSS (Secret Service), ICE (Immigration/Customs Enforcement),
> Access to Recruitment of Department of Homeland Security Personnel and equipment acquisition
> Access to Documents Lab (USSS) - Create forged documents or currency
> Access to Laundered Funds (USSS) - Earn temporary funding from seized laundered financial assets
> Smuggling (ICE) - Agents can bring items (nonharmful) or individuals (non-coerced) across borders either way or provide support to do so abroad.
> Unrestricted Access (USSS) - Permit Access to normally restricted facilities or government individuals
> Access to Seized Property (ICE) - Customs seizes large numbers of vehicles and other craft and items smuggled within.
> Access to Personal Protection Details (USSS) - Elite LEO close protection to personnel and convoys
> Federal Protective Service (All) - Provides uniformed and trained private security guards to facilities and events.
> Access to Population Database (ICE)
> Access to Crime Labs (ICE)
> Access to SWAT Team (ICE, USSS)
> Police Cooperation (All)

National Aeronautics and Space Administration:
> Access to Recruitment of NASA Personnel and equipment acquisition
> Access to Satellite Data
> Access to Space Missions - Ranging from launching satellites to shuttle missions
> Access to Anti-Satellite Weapons
> Access to New Aerospace Technology
> Access to Engineering & Science Research Labs

Center for Disease Control:
> Access to Recruitment of HHS Personnel and equipment acquisition
> Access to Biohazard Labs
> Access to Dangerous Toxins
> Enabling of Quarantine Operations
> Access to Medical Facilities
> Access to Biological Research Labs

Department of National Intelligence:
> Access to Recruitment of Intelligence Community Personnel and equipment acquisition
> Access to Worldwide Black Sites (CIA) - Confidential safe houses and facilities located worldwide
> Access to Black Transportation Network (CIA) - Secret network of transportation worldwide
> Access to Spy Satellite Data (CIA)
> Access to Codebreaker Supercomputers (NSA)
> Access to Unlimited Wiretaps (NSA)
> Access to Computer Security Database (CIA & NSA)
> Extraordinary Rendition (CIA) - Abducting guilty and suspected guilty individuals worldwide

Department of Defense:
> Military Base Access
> Access to Military Testings Labs and Grounds
> Access to Military Satellite Data
> Access to worldwide transportation network
> Access to respective advance military technology - Individual branch research labs/DARPA

United States Navy:
> Access to recruitment of US Navy/Marine/Coast Guard Personnel and equipment acquisition
> Access to Watercraft and Naval Aviation
> Access to Navy/Marine Special Operations
> Coast Guard Interdiction/Seizure
> Smuggling
> Access to NOAA Surface and Underwater Research/Exploration - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

United States Army:
> Access to recruitment of US Army Personnel and equipment acquisition
> Access to Ground Equipment and Army Aviation
> Access to Army Special Forces Advisors - Specialized in training third party organizations in military operations
> Access to Army Corps of Engineering - If you build it.
> Access to Army Rangers/ Light Infantry
> Access to AMRIID Biolabs - The US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases

United States Air Force:
> Access to recruitment of US Air Force Personnel and equipment acquisition
> Access to Aerial Equipment including electronic warfare and command and control aircraft
> Access to Air Force Special Operations Command
> Smuggling
> Access to Civil Air Patrol - Civilian auxiliary to the US Air Force
> Access to Air Force Office of Scientific Research - Physics and Aerospace Research with private/international partners

Armacham Technology Corporation:
Black Mesa Research Facility:
Omni Consumer Products:
Umbrella Corporation:
Union Aerospace Corporation:

Private Organizations:
Center for Extraterrestrial Studies: Founded in the 50's by former scientists, researchers and intelligence agents to investigate UFO sightings and search the stars for extraterrestrial life. Apply a scientific rigor to private research despite obfuscation due to skepticism, mockery and hoaxes. Experiencing recent validation.

Royal Scientific Expeditionary Society: Meritocratic explorers organization founded in the 19th century dedicated to the exploration of the final frontiers of the world and research into unknown species, locales and other mysteries still unknown to science.


It's a wall of text.

The idea will be to build up your own shadowy organization... with the assistance/funding/poaching of others with their own interests. While the RP will likely start US centric, it can quite probably spread outward. I just wanted to get this all out here because as I was writing my OP... which I'm almost finished with... I realized there were a lot of pros/cons that really had no frame of reference. A lot of choices will result in the increase of influence or gathering of favors from various organizations and while it'll be incremental I expect this system to be broad but hopefully not too in depth.

Hopefully this isn't too overwhelming. It's certainly not meant to be... it's just meant to be more fun and accessible and allowing customization then anything as we progress in the story.

Also open to ideas on many of these as the CYOA Quest evolves.
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Aug 31, 2019
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WA, U.S.A.
I’m liking the Cryptozoology and Administrative types of skills right now. We’ll see soon.


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Aug 13, 2019
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The Drakwald
Hmmm I'd suggest putting the preferred options next to your choice at this juncture to be more comprehensive.


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Aug 13, 2019
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The Drakwald
Hmmm going to have to add the sub skills to the repair (mechanical, electronics, engines etc) and science ( biology, physics, chemistry etc) skills if your vote will beindicative of something in the future. Forgot to make that readily apparent. 😇

Still thanks for the voting post! Lemme know if there's anything else askew if appropriate. :)


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The Drakwald
Thanks for the responses you two. I'll give it through the weekend to see if anyone else will bite before throwing up the next IC character generation post. In the meantime I'll be adding bits and bobs here and there in the Quest System itself. :)


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The Drakwald
Very nice!

Oh i updated the character biography with the relevant information as well from the first votes tally. We'll see how it fleshes out.


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The Drakwald
Hmmmm two votes... might require a tiebreaker or other compromise.

Planning on a Quest update Friday Morning/Afternoon in AMERICAN TIME.
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