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Sorry for starting hew thread,but i could not find one talking only about EU.

Here,funny speach of EU supporter,spanish socialist Joseph Borell during Le Grand Continent conferency.

Dude fear in 2024:
1.Election of Trump
2.EU elections in 2024 would win real right wing parties - and stating,that people would vote for them becouse of fear,not migration or fucked economy.
He say,tat normal right is hormonal right,becouse they act on bad emotions.Funny thing from leftist.

It could happen in Italy,Sweden,Spain,Finland,even France and Germany.

Next thing - leftist terrorist from Italy Ilaria Salis go to Budapest attack neonazis/real one,this time/ and was arrested.- she could get even 24 years in prison for helping in beating two dudes.

Why so much? they arrested german terrorist from Hammerbande Antifa,too - but he cooperated and get 3 years.She claim to be innocent,so would get much more.

Italian premier,Giorgia Meloni,asked for releasing her.

But,according to leftist,it is stil Meloni fault.

Normal people really should stop care about what leftist say.
Another compilation of polish articles.Here:

1.Since 2020 EU smaller states practically lost right of veto - and germans are buiding kind of second soviet union,with leftist ideology supported by 3 dogma:
2.climatism - bad people are killing mother Gaia.
3.imigration - we must be replaced by muslims.

For people like me,who remember old soviets,it is both funny and dangerous.No,they would not build their mad state - but could destroy ours.

2.Fun thing,when we joined in 2003,normal politicians warned,that it would lead to such monstrosity.Almost nobody belived them.
And,it lead to colonialism,too - only this time germans robb other states,not soviets.
And even openly declare,like Robert Habeck,that helping german economy with EU money help all countries.
And Scholz belive,that they have duty to take over other countries.

3.Christine Legarde openly say,that cyber euro would be used to control societies.They arleady punish us for using cash above 1000 E.
At the same time,they gave money only to those poor countries,which agreed to kill their children.

4.EU do not like USA - but,usually use their pets to attack,like polish new old premier Tusk,and minister Sikorski.Both are treated as persona non grata there.

5.They now plan to made european army - and made it woke.

6.EU pay Marocco tribute to keep migrants away,but,in the same time,leftist in Spain are making money on welcoming "young" migrants.They get 65.000 euro per year on one.Amd steal 5000 euro for themselves/spanish policeman,Rafel Minguez,hear that personally/

7.According to french Rousseau Institute,Fit for 90 mean european losing more then 25% of cars and 20% of trucks.
It is new religion - which explain lack of rationality.
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Another compilation: of Tusk pets,Bodnar,go to EU ask for permission in changing polish Ministry of Justice.Even in commie times we do not did such things openly.
2.Polish education is changed to fit EU/EEA - European Education Area/ - for example,polish voctories over germans vanished.
And change teaching to fit for migrants,too.
And brainwashing about lgbt and ecology.

There is even special european comissar Iliana Iwanowa working for unification of education.

Why? after soviet massacret german workers in 1953,they declared that they lost trust in people.Bertold Brecht joked,that they shout elect new people in place of old.

And that is what EU is doing - they are replacing us with migrants.

Only problem - why they belive,that migrants agree to listen to them?

3.Quatar affair - nobody was punished in the end for it,but we discovered some interesting facts - Quatar paid Nicola Giovani,accused for them Arab Emirates of breaking human rights.

Marie Arena attacked Algeria ,becouse Marocco paid her.

So,if you find that EU accuse somebody,do not treat it too seriously....

4.EU want create army - which would be ecological.Putin would die from laugh

5.Farmers from entire EU help polish farmers fight with ukrainian/Big Corpo really/ grain.Maybe we have hope....
EU decided,that building need better isolation - so,they created class of isolation from A to G,and,that everybody must improve it to at least D in 2033.

It mean,that part of poles who do not have money for that would lost their homes.

I think,they wonted that from the start.
EU let Ukraine send grain to EU through Poland - polish farmer who discovered that,is treathened by ukrainians that they kill him and his family.And he keep 2 ukrainian families when war started.

Polish farmers leader,Rafał Mekler,face the same danger.
Another compilation: madness is supported by new goverment - but previous did the same...It seems,that EU hold all main polish politicians.

2.Now we knew why EU is killing farmers - they made deal with Mersocur - South America would deliver cheap food,and EU german cars and engines.
Our farmers are killed to show Mersocur rhat EU is keeping deal.

3.Poland get"money" from EU - but only when their man Tusk win election.And we would must pay for it later....

4.Ex-leader of Frontex,EU organization responsible for borders,Fabrice Legger,now is working for Le Pen - becouse he discovered,that EU and Ursula personally are supporting migrants.

5.EU made Poland use so called ESG for all bussines - norm which basically would kill everytching except Big Korpo.

6.Another reason why kill farmers - Big Corpo want monopoly,and it is better for beaurocrats if people could not buy food without their blessing.
But - there is hope,farmers are still fighting.Like Danilo Calvani in Italy,Wiesław Gryn from Poland or Jos Ubels from Holland.

7.Year ago Ukraine asked for 1million of 155mm schells - 300.000 was taken from Euroe magazines,rest should be produced,but ...Sweden produce as much as they could/Karlskog/,Norwegia/Hamar/ could but need energy - which is all consumed by chineese Tik Tok sewer built there.
And,EU still do not decide who else could made it...

Those who made/like german DyniTEC factory in Troisdorf - making explosives/ could not made manufacture bigger,becouse locals do not agree to that.
Rheinmetall wanted to produce explosives near Drezno - but would not,for the same reasons.
Compilation from polish press:

1.EU is facing farmer uprising - and react like polish commies to Solidarity in 1980.They do not want stop their madness,but crush farmers.They would fail,of course - but,Europe could not survive that.

2.German agent Tusk support this madness,but - he is not player,only tool.

3.Romanian politician,George Simon,is against that,but want change EU,not leave.Fat chance for that.

4.France made abortion "human right" .Except murdering children it is pretext to turn France into totalitarian state.

5.EU made new laws to change houses - Poland alone must spend 110 billions of Euro for that till 2030.We could beat Putin on our own with such moneys.
It would lead to poles losing their houses,becouse those who could not afford changes would be kicked out from their own homes.

6.Polish judges forbid us from mine coal in Turów - when czech and german mines nearby work without problems.EU is killing us,but not germans or czech.

7.Reaction of irish leftist elites to lost referendum? they failed to teach people properly.Leftists again behave as if people were their pupils.

8.Jokes about anything which leftists do not like mean prison in France now.

9.Spain introduced censorship about rapes made by migrants.And,they use bodies of murdered children for making beauty creams.

10.I mentioned EU making us repait most of our homes - but,it is for entire EU75 % building must be repaired,or else.

11.EU decide to spend 513 millions for more schells - 85 get Germany,Poland - 2.

And,the same EU spend 71 billions on vaxing people....

12.french journalist,married with polish waifu and with polish children,worked in Poland for long time - and now,after visits in France,decided to never come back,becouse France is lost.And he would teach his children to be good poles.

13.Polish journalist,who once supported EU,Wojciech Reaszczyński,now belive that we must leave - becouse it is not the same EU,but leftist-german tool made to destroy us.

14.Itaian professor Spartaco Pupo citated David Hume about woman rights - and feminists attacked him for that.

15.EU leftist elites treat Poland as test for how to take over people who do not want their rules - that is why they let Tusk break polish and EU law.

16.In 2001 swiss police in Lugano searched home of Youssef Nada and accidentally found documend named as "project".
dude was one of muslim brotherchood leaders,,and it was plan to take over entire world.
Yes,it is not joke - Muslim Brotherhood really plan to do so,starting with Europe.Dunno about rest of world,but here they could win....

Noe,Erdogan is their ally,and his nationalist orhanization Milli Gorus,and Diyanet,organisation conrolling erligion in Turkey.They control about 2000 metchets oustide of Turkey.

They are no only allies - Saudis and Quatar support salafi movement,which want basically the same.

17.On Cyprus local greeks welcomed Chabad-Bubowicz center in Larnaka - becouse they are in reality Mossad,and help them fight muslims.Smart people there.

18.Fit 55 is killing us,and opposition is against it - but,when PIS ruled,they accepted it in 2020.

18.EU made older cars practically illegal - which mean,that only rich would use cars in 2030,if notching change.

P.S it is thread for everybody,so come here and wrote about EU madness you discovered !
@Marduk ,maybe you discovered something?
Another compilation:

1.Irish refused some mad changes in referendum - so,there is chance,that only Right party there,Aontu,would getmore votes now.Althought chances for ruling are still slim - reast is against them,and pro-EU.

2.In Italy children in schools learn,that Moscov take Crimea,becouse locals asked for that.

3.Germans want european army - which mean end of normal states - and 3 new taxes .If they manage to do so,we would have IV Reich.

4.New german goverment in Poland decided ,that they would release 20.000 prisoners.Becouse they should get second chance etc.
There are two possibilities:
4A they are genuine idiots
4B germans want more criminals on polish streets.

5.They also want to kill babies - but,for leftists abortion is kind of Graal,so they could really belive in it.

6.About 10% of italians are poor - they do not have money for food,taxes and doctors.20% in Croatia,Even in Germany it start to be problem.

7.Some joker phone Christine Lagarde,european banker,pretending to be Zelensky asking about cyber euro - and she said,that it would be used to control society.Which is rather obvious - goverment would knew what and when we buyed.

8.British leftist Shaun Walker wrote in "The Guardian" , that in Poland Tusk is breaking law,but it is mission to civilize poles,and that PIS must be destroyed no matter what they would use.

9.German plan to do the same with their "wrong" parties,and use Poland as kind of poligon.

10.French politician,Nicolas Bay, claim that Tusk in Poland simply follow Macron - they both pretend to be liberals,but use totalitarian methods every time society say no to their ideas.

11.Poland stop developing harbour in Świnoujście - becouse germans from Meklenburgia wonted it.

12.German CEP from Freiburg worked on euro influence in Europe - and discovered,that only Germany and Holland profited from that.

13. EU committed suicide making "Green deal" - becouse they simply do not have money for making it.Adn,it is last moment to widraw - but germans are leading charge into destruction...

14.Tusk is trying to remove current president - which,paradoxally,is good sign.He would go out anyway in 2025,if Tusk try to do that it mean,that he have little time.

15.Major problem of Poland is,that german press turned part of population into banana republic citizen - who belive,that Poland must do what other countries want.

16.Italian leftist,38 year old teacher Illaria Salis go to Budapest,attacked some nationalist,and get arrested.She could get even 24 years in prison.Italian leftist want to save her,of course.

17.Agenda 2030,which EU try to implement, is developed from idea,that Eath have cancer,and that cancer are humans.Which mean,that dudes plan to kill us.
Unfortunatelly,current pope support it.

18.EU do not like independent information - so,they decide to watch internet non stop,react at once,and,becouse everybody would be eventually known,leak info about leftist crimes early, and in a way which look innocent.
Another compilation :
1.Bothe Germany and France use fear of Moscov invasion to push for creating european state - which is bullshit,such state would ally with Putin,and even if they want to fight,they would have notching ,becouse only Poland had some army to fight.
And we do not have ammo for it.

2.They want to create new nationality - "unionian" which is also bullshit - people could be european only when they belong to their own nations first.

3.EU let Tusk break laws in Poland - becouse it is experiment for breaking laws in other countries to create IV Reich.

4.EU is giving money to states - but,since they also demand ridcous things,normal countries,like Spain,practically ignored that.Only Poland is taking big moneys,which,in fact,are mostly loans,for green madness.

5.Polish organisation Ordo Iuris fight leftist madness - not only in Poland,but in Croatia,too.

6.leftists want to punish for "hate speech" in Poland.

7.Germans in Poland break laws using South Africa fter Apartheid tactic - they breal law,but it is OK,becouse right/or rather left/ people do that.

8.Lithuania still prosecute polish minority breaking EU law - and it is OK,becouse victims are poles.

9.EU support "green energy" - and slave labour in African cobalt mines.So called "artisanal miners"

10.Poland practically do not get money from foreign bussiness - becouse all goes to their countyries..

11.In Poland Tusk failed to do anytching he promised - so,he is blaming opposition and promise revenge.

12.EU support not existing silesian nation - all to destroy Poland

13.First good news - EU actually support small atomic plants,so called SMR.

14.Why EU is destroing farmers? becouse they want to create Corpo agroholdings with farmers as serfs.

15.EU help for Poland is,in fact,loan - Poland would must pay it later.

16.WHO take over european countries politics - thanks to new IHR regulations,/World Health Agency agreed/ nw they would decide what to do during pandemy,not european goverments.

17.In 2000 Eu decided,that thanks to Lisbon Strategy their economy would be bigger in 2010 then USA.Now,they are smaller then China.

18.China is building 169 new coal mines,India 99,germans few more - only Poland must destroy our own.

19.EU now use new tactic to made european IV Reich - everybody who oppose it is,...Putin agent.

20.In Poland both ruling PO and main opposition say,that EU is great.

21.Poland gave to Ukraine right to educate ukrainian children in Poland - and they educate - about how their heroes murdered poles,and it was totally OK.

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