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Famous B-Movie Director Albert Pyun Wants to Hear From His Fans...


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Albert Pyun, whose directed excellent films such as Cyborg and The Sorcerer and the Stone as well as the FIRST Captain America movie for Cannon Films, is apparently in very poor health and doesn't have much time left.

Sadly his Wife posted on Facebook that she's reading him messages from fans and its brightening his day immeasurably.

Facebook said:
“Albert took another downturn. I could tell he feared going down again. He was working too feverishly. I asked “What’s the rush?” He said “If I stop, that’s it.” … Please write a message to him for me to read. A personal message from you to him will make him really happy. They think he does not have much time left. Update: Albert wept happy and sad tears when listening to your messages for him. He feels terrible to have let you down. by failing to finish his last 2 movies. He wanted them to be a 6 part TV series. He worked and tried like a maniac; it was all that truly mattered to him. To Albert, failure has never been an option.“

Links to the Facebook are in the article below. If you have a Facebook, maybe you'd like to send him a message if you were a fan or entertained by his works?

Sorcerer and the Stone


Captain America



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