Breaking News January 6th Stop the Steal Rally & Capitol Breaching/Storming


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This is absolutely insane, I didn't think it would go this far...


And they're likely jamming cell signals. We won't have footage of this for days to come possibly.


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Because you do not want internal strife on that scale, let alone Civil War.
Want and need are two very different things.

The law needs to be enforced in order to exist. If the judges and executives that have enabled the violation of the constitution on this scale do not suffer consequences, then the constitution does not exist as a legal protection.


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...yes. It would be.

American's memories are short. Your last Civil War was a complete fucking bloodbath, brother killing brother, and that was with breach loading muskets. Today, with semi-automatics? God forbid.
The last Civil War was a decisive and crucial victory for the Republican against the Democrats, that was only less than total because of Republican Mercy.


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Six hundred thousand Americans died because both sides couldn't sit down and talk over fucking slavery. That is not a victory.
That is the most important kind of victory conceivable. Every single one of those lives was worth it. The american civil war was a good thing and should be celebrated. The destruction of the confederacy and the defeat of its armies should be a cause for joy. It is a good thing to defeat evil and it is not a bad thing to die defeating evil.

We're only talking about the american civil war of course not any modern conflict


Someday we will win, no matter what it takes.
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Because it's not a good thing to have this kind of thing happening? Like, I'm as big a proponent of the idea that governments should be afraid of their people as the next guy, but that fear should be more along the lines of "if we overstretch our authority and try to seize power, we'll face a popular revolt", rather than "oh crap, a notable chunk of the population are lunatics", and this is clearly more toward the latter.

If you're trying to do something and find a wall of riot cops standing in your way, that's a sign you should really reconsider what you're doing, and if it's likely to work out. And I'm not seeing a good outcome to this.

Like, the best case here is that they're rebuffed or just end up in the gallaries heckling congress, in which case they'll be painted as a bunch of violent terrorist nutcases for the rest of the news cycle, but they'll mostly be tied to Trump and will fade from relevance once he does.

If anyone actually dies, they'll be used to tar the enter party as dangerous and the left will never, ever, ever shut up about it, and their media allies will support that effort instead of downplaying or memory holing it like they do leftist violence.

If anyone important dies, then congrats, you've just handed the left an excuse to do something to "crack down on these dangerous right wing extremists" that will probably end up, by sheer coincidence, doing crippling damage to anyone to the right of chairmen Mao, and the left will never, never, ever, ever shut about it.

And the average person will support the left in any case, because if you do something like this, you had better have a very, very good reason backed by ironclad evidence, and the protestors here do not. You need something utterly irrefutable that would convince even people on the other side that you were right. In this context, you need something on the level of a video tape where Joe Biden walks into a polling place, hands the people there a giant bag marked "Fake Ballots" and then says "Hey, I'm Joe Biden, Kamala sent me here to give you this bag of fake ballots that will let us swing the election in her...I mean my favor."

They do not have that sort of evidence.

Whereas on the upside, the protesters here could possibly....uh....slightly delay the inevitable, maybe?

Six hundred thousand Americans died because both sides couldn't sit down and talk over fucking slavery. That is not a victory.

That's not quite true, the North tried to talk about the issue repeatedly and the south refused, passed a morturmium on talking about the issue, and then as soon it looked like that conversion might happen and they might lose, they started war to try and win the argument by force.

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