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Rest In Peace Remembrance Day 2020

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Aug 11, 2019
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Rethan Manor
It has now been over a hundred years, since the guns fell silent on the Western front and the First Great War ended, a war that claimed millions of lives and irrevocably changed history. The pain and suffering and death and other damage caused by the war left a scar on the psyche of the Western World and likely the spheres adjacent that hasn't healed even today.

It is on today, in the Commonwealth, that we remember those who have lost their lives in that war- and in every war. Those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, or anyone else whose life was lost in conflict. I am posting this thread, because I actually wish to observe this important holiday, having a grandparent who served in ww2 and I would wager my own inborn understanding of the importance of the holiday. I wish that you join in me on this solemn observation, in which ever way you wish, be it sharing something heartfelt, posting an appropriate memorial song, having a moment of silence or which ever action or lack of action you feel is appropriate. And it is now, I finish, and in closing I say these important words, "lest we forget."
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