Right wing enviromentalism and conservatilism thread

Duke Nukem

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Sep 4, 2019
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I made this since the George flyod thread was getting of topic


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Aug 19, 2019
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In the United States the vast majority of actual environmentalism. Is done not by faggot ass leftist hippies but rather. By manly bearded rural hunting men. The femine ass left will whine and pontificate about "the environmen." While doing literally nothing for said environment. While based conservative hunters and fishers pay for all conservation of nature. What's sad and amusing is that the 'lefs environmentaism' does nothing. Except act as a Trojan horse for socialism. Literally every environmental program that actually works. Was founded by and funded by Rural conservativs mainly because we aactually know what nature is. Where as pansy-a**** city boys, which are the majority of "green"activist" .(AKA city-boys) Believe that Central Park is "the wilderness". Seriously anything any city boy says about environmentalism hsoukd be ignored. As they have literally 0 knowledge of what they are talking about.
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