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December 2, 1984
Somewhere in the Indian Army HQ


It had been barely two months since the assassination of Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi on October 31st and the country was still trapped in political turmoil with anti-Sikh sentiment rising in both political and other ventures of Indian society. There were some high-ranking Indian military officials, who were secretly plotting to make an aggressive push in taking over the Indian government. Some of the generals had been taking notes and studying how Republic of Korea President Chun Doo-hwan took over the government in December of 1979.

The time was now to do something. What happened next would have huge implications on India and the entire world....

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Hi everyone!
Afternoon everyone. I have been intrigued by India, the politics of the country, political turmoil and how India was altered by the aftermath of Operation Blue Star as well as the assassination of Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. Having seen timelimes from the 1970s or 1980s on, I decided to do a timeline on the chaos ensuing in India in my own version of a timeline. I got a little bit of a sketch detailed out for me which will guide me. Enjoy and feel to give input via private inbox.

PS: I will also do several Personal PoV's from India and internationally including beautiful damsels in distress.

Some of the Installments will be NSFW-graphic; NSFW-erotic; including very violent and grisly. So sit back enjoy 😎
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How the fallout over Operation Blue Star escalated....
How the violent end of Operation Blue Star escalated into anger and violence.....
June 1984
Amristar, Punjab, India

"whenever I look at this woman. I get angry after what she did by sending the Army into Akal Takht. I want to send this b**** a clear message by teaching her a lesson. I will find a way how....."
-Beant Singh.

The controversial military operation, Operation Blue Star, which Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi had rejected the Anadpur Resolution which ended futile negotiation efforts to solve the situation peacefully and ordered the Indian Army to launch the operation without any mercy regardless of the cost: which resulted in the violent attacks on Sikh temples across Punjab. Depending on who you would believe, estimates had placed the number of casualties overall at 554 militants and civilians dead, including 83 killed (4 officers, 79 soldiers), 236 wounded among government forces. On June 6th, the Indian Army had detained surviving pilgrims on the grounds that they affiliated with the militants and subjected them to interrogations, beatings, violent torturing techniques including executions.

Soon afterwards, backlash over the Indian government's handling of Operation Blue Star including the violent aftermath had escalated as many in the Sikh community both inside and outside of India were furious and they wanted answers and also demanding the resignation of Indian President Zail Singh (who was the country's first Sikh to hold the Presidency with his election in 1982). At first, he considered resignation in order to let the country heal, but ultimately decided against resigning because he was worried about alienating Harbhajan Singh Khalsa, (known as Yogi Bhajan). Singh was also called before the Akal Takht and there, Sikhs were angry, cussing out the President, demanding he apologize; Singh was also asked to explain why didn't he do anything to prevent the violent desecration of the Golden Temple including the deaths of innocent Sikhs.

Singh had assumed the fallout and backlash over Operation Blue Star would just blow over and folks would move on. They did NOT!

Several weeks later, Singh decided to visit the temple premises following Operation Blue Star, and while making the round, someone fired a sniper somewhere at one of the buildings because the Indian Army hadn't cleared any of the surrounding buildings on the premises; the bullet meant for the President, actually hit an Army Colonel's arm, who was accompanying President Singh. He wasn't the only one to face backlash over the controversial military operation.....

Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, the daughter of the legendary Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, who was in her third term of office, was also facing death threats. The perceptions of death threats against the country's first female Prime Minister and this had so alarmed the Intelligence Bureau to resulting in the Security Protection Group into removing of Sikhs from her personal bodyguard detail, but Gandhi had thought the removal of Sikhs would cause her political opponents to use ammunition against her by calling her anti-Sikh, so she forced the SPG to reinstate her Sikh bodyguards particularly Beant Singh, whom some believed was one of her favorite bodyguards. Sadly, this turned out to be a fatal mistake on the part of the Prime Minister.....
Chapter 1: The day that changed India forever
Chapter 1: 10.31.84: The Day that changed India forever
9:20 AM IST, Wednesday, October 31, 1984
1 Safadrjung Road, New Delhi, India


Beant Singh saluting Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi just minutes before altering the course of Indian history.

The fallout and backlash over the Indian government's controversial and disastrous handling of Operation Blue Star had escalated so bad, the country was on the verge of total chaos. In the eyes of two Sikh bodyguards, Beant and his brother, Satwant Singh, they wanted revenge for the Golden Temple including those who worshiped in Punjab (the Golden Temple which was violently desecrated by the Indian Army in the Summer of 1984 during Operation Blue Star) which resulted in multiple deaths of countless pilgrims and innocent people.. Conspiring with Kehar Singh and possible other co-conspirators, who wanted to send a message to the Indian government including those involved in Operation Blue Star: the country needed saviors, who would sacrifice their lives for the "greater good" in saving the Republic of India, Beant and Satwant Singh would be the ones, who would send a strong, clear message.

Beant had been one of Gandhi's personal favorite guards for the past ten years. However, due to the fallout of Operation Blue Star, the Special Protection Group (SPG) had removed Beant, who was a Sikh. However, Gandhi strongly overruled their recommendations by reinstating Beant to the protection detail; as I had mentioned before, this proved to be a fatal mistake on the part of the three-term Prime Minister of India. His brother, Satwant was just 22 years old and had been on the protection detail for only just five months.

For Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, she had a busy, packed schedule planned: she was scheduled to shoot a major documentary for British documentary filmmaker Peter Ustinov, who was with her in Bhubaneswar. The first major appointment of her schedule was set for October 31st, and Ustinov was first on the list. Later on the day, Gandhi was scheduled to meet with former British Prime Minister James Callaghan and later in the night, she was to host a scheduled dinner for Princess Anne, the daughter of Queen Elizabeth II of the British Royal Family.

Now on to the fateful Wednesday morning, October 31st. Gandhi was getting ready for her interview with Ustinov, which was scheduled to take place at the Prime Minister's Office located at 1 Akbar Road adjacent to her official residence. During her last meal, she had breakfast which consisted of the following: toasts, orange juice, eggs and some breakfast cereals. She was also wearing a saffron saree with a black border for the scheduled documentary shoot; she had applied makeup for the shoot (which sadly wouldn't come). Dr. KP Mathur arrived at the Prime Minister's Residence after Gandhi was done eating breakfast. Mathur checked the Prime Minister's health every morning; Ustinov was waiting for the Prime Minister to arrive at the PMO, which was located at 1 Akbar Road. The time was 9:10 AM IST and Gandhi left her personal residence in the fateful walk through the garden towards the PMO (Prime Minister's Office). Accompanying the Prime Minister was constable Narayan Singh, personal security officer Rameshwar Dayal and personal secretary RK Dhawan, the veteran Congress leader in Parliament.

In the meantime, Beant and Satwant had given coded-message to motion that everything's on the go: it was time to "Save the Republic" in the eyes of the Singh brothers. While the Prime Minister was walking towards the gates of 1 Akbar Road, she was having a conversation with Dhawan; Singh was carrying a black umbrella to protect her from the early winter sun. Beant was nervous, with the adrenaline rushing so aggressively and here comes the moment, the Prime Minister and her entourage were coming towards him near the wicked gate. Beant slowly walked up to them and saluted the Prime Minister. In a super-slow motion moment, Beant then slowly took out his revolver out of his left-gun holster and pointed it at the target, it was in his words, "avenging the Golden Temple" as well as saving the Republic of India.

Startled by the imminent danger facing her, Gandhi asked Beant "What are you doing?" to which Beant responded to the three-term Prime Minister, "Revenge for Akhal Takht, madam" and all of a sudden at 9:20 AM IST, Beant fired the first shot: BANG, which hit her in the abdomen; those who were accompanying her, ducked to avoid gunfire, hitting the ground. This was the cue for Satwant to get ready as he was cocking his carbine machine-gun while Beant fired two additional shots: BANG! BANG! as Gandhi was horrified and shocked by getting shot.

"GET OVER HERE AND KILL THIS BITCH!" Beant snapped at his brother. Satwant was ready, aimed his carbine machine-gun at the Prime Minister, who was wounded, turned around and was shot 30+ times by Satwant's carbine machine-gun, which was emptied, most of the bullets pierced the Prime Minister's body. Dayal was also shot by the gunfire and fell down. As other security guards tried to figure out what was going on, a team of co-conspirators ambushed them via machine-gun fire, killing five of the security guards. As the Prime Minister was on the ground, bleeding from the 30+ gunshot wounds, what she must've been thinking about the betrayal of her bodyguards, wondering why would Beant, one of her trusted personal bodyguards would do this to her; flashbacks of her 66 years of life from childhood to present, was flashing before her very eyes while she continued to bleed to death.....

Once their mission was finished, several of the SPG bodyguards finally showed up. One of whom yelled "DROP THE WEAPON!", both Singh brothers dropped their weapons, which Beant replied "I have done what I had to do. Now you can do whatever you want with us." While that was going on, those accompanying the Prime Minister had tried to wake her, "Madam, Madam. They shot the Prime Minister. Somebody called an ambulance."

However, somewhere during the six minutes after the shooting, Border Police Officers Tarsem Singh Jamwal and Ram Saran had shot and killed Beant, who was trying to attack the other police officers in one of the buildings on the grounds. The other officers had also shot Satwant, who was trying to escape including one of their accomplices, Kehar Singh, who failed to escape.
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Chapter 1: Aftermath.....
The Aftermath....
Wednesday, October 31, 1984
1 Safdarjung Road, New Delhi, India

Soon after the shooting, Dhawan and police officer Dinesh Bhatt carried Gandhi to her Ambassador vehicle. Her political secretary Makhanlal Fotdehar was also there. As they were beginning to head towards the All India Institute of Medical Services Hospital, they heard Gandhi's daughter-in-law Sonia Gandhi (the wife of Rajiv Gandhi) running out of the residence shouting at the top of her lungs "Mummy, Mummy!" All of whom took the wounded Prime Minister to AIIMS, who hadn't been informed of the shooting and to make things worse, they weren't prepared for dealing with the emergency.

Upon arrival at AIIMS at 9:32 AM IST, the doctors and surgeons took some time for them in order to put everything in place for the emergency surgery. Gandhi had been shot more than 30+ times, but surprisingly, her heart remained intact. Despite their best efforts, Gandhi was declared dead at 2:20 PM IST.

At that moment, there was an immediate power vacuum inside the Indian government because several ambitious military officials began jockeying themselves for power, influence plus more power. Also secretly looking for an edge, several ambitious egotistical politicians also began to plot ways on exherting their influence inside the government.

The autopsy of the late Prime Minister was conducted by several team of doctors including Dr. Tirath Das Dogra, who confirmed that 30 bullets struck Gandhi from a Sterling sub-machine gun and a revolver. Both of the assailants had fired a total of 36 bullets: of which 30 of them had hit; 23 of them passed through her body and seven other bullets remained inside her body. Dogra had extracted all of the remaining bullets out of Gandhi's body in order to establish the identity of the weapons and also correlating each weapon with the bullets recovered by ballistuc examination. Upon further examination, these bullets matched with similar weapons at the CSFL Delhi.
Outlined sketch of the chapters
Outlined sketch of the timeline:
(Chapter 1)
1.) Breaking News alerts
2.) Indian President Zail Singh
3.) Personal PoVs from several of the co-conspirators

(Chapter 2)
1.) Rajiv and Sonia Gandhi
2.) Anti-Sikh sentiment escakates
3.) The public pays respects; foreign dignitaries offering condolences
4.) November 3, 1984: Final Farewell
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Personal PoVs: Chapter 1
Personal PoV from one of the co-conspirators
12:00 PM IST, Wednesday, October 31, 1984
New Delhi International Airport
New Delhi, India

"I knew that Beant and Satwant Singh needed to be sacrificed for the greater good of 'Saving the Republic' by any means necessary. After fleeing the premises once everyone was distracted, I drove home by motorcycle and knew the authorities were coming for those involved, so I decided to get a clean shave, getting rid of that beard that was itching and driving me nuts, getting a fresh haircut and got my family out to the airport where I told them I'll meet them later. After grabbing my passport and other personal belongings, I closed the door, locking it tight and left the neighborhood never looking back, finally arriving at the airport around 10:43 AM IST, where I met my wife Rashi and our five daughters.

Rashi asked me "What's going on? Why are we're at the airport and can you tell me what's going on here?" I told her that a mission was finished and things were chaotic. She sighed and decided not to press the issue again. After going through security checkpoints, we got to the nearest plane, when we got in our seats, got buckled in and waited for the plane to leave, which took off at 12:56 PM IST.

During the long flight which lasted more than six hours, the radio intercom informed all of the passengers that Gandhi died from injuries sustained in the gunfire ambush at 1 Safdarjung Road earlier this morning. After quietly breathing a sigh of relief in my inner thoughts, I knew the authorities weren't coming for me or anyone else involved in the planning, organizing or oriented details.

Little did I realize of the violent rampage and carnage going on back home in India, a country that I sacrificed for during my time in the Navy and couldn't stand by or do nothing following Operation Blue Star. Wondering if any of my colleagues who sympathized with us managed to flee the country. By the time we arrived at our destination in Madrid, Spain at 8:00 AM and safely got out of the plane, where I took Rashi and our five daughters to a vehicle and drove all the way to the outskirts of Madrid, then look a long nap due to the long flight...."
The Breaking News Story.....
Wednesday, October 31, 1984
The breaking news alerts broke out all over the world, reporting the awful news out of New Delhi that Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi had been gunned down by the two Sikh bodyguards. It had been several hours since Gandhi had been declared dead and things back in India were getting chaotic as military troops had been deployed including many law enforcement agencies had also been deployed. Dan Rather of CBS Evening News from the CBS Studios in New York City, NY St: "We interrupt your regular scheduled programming to bring you breaking news out of New Delhi, India where we're receiving reports that Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi has been assassinated by two security guards on the grounds of the Prime Minister's official residence. Now we are only receiving information as it's coming in, and the situation is fluid. Here's what we know, at 9:20 AM Indian Standard Time, as the Prime Minister was walking through the garden heading towards the Prime Minister's Office, about 36 shots rang out at the Prime Minister and several members of her entourage accompanying her. According to sources, the assailants were two security guards from the Sikh community and that 36 shots had been fired. We have heard from witnesses that they heard gunshots ring out."

ABC News Nightline had a special edition with Ted Koppel reporting on the situation in New Delhi:

The Rise to the Prime Ministership.....
The Ascension
7:00 PM IST, Wednesday, October 31, 1984
Rashtrapati Bhavan, New Delhi, India.

Rajiv Gandhi being sworn into office as the new Prime Minister of India by Indian President Zail Singh.

Many people watched the broadcast of the swearing-in ceremony as Rajiv Gandhi, the son of the late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, was being sworn into office as the country's new Prime Minister by Indian President Zail Singh. In the meantime, some Congress Party members of Parliament were plotting to up the ante against those, whom they perceived as threats to the Republic of India.

"I, Rajiv Gandhi, do swear in the name of God that I will bear the faith and allegiance to the Constitution of India as by law established, that I will uphold the sovereignty and integrity of India, that I will faithfully and conscientiously discharge my duty as Prime Minister of the Union and that I will do right to all manner of people in accordance with the Constitution and the law without fear of favour, affection or ill-will."

After taking the Oath of Office, Rajiv delivered a short address before the people of India on national television across the country, where he thanked everyone for their condolences and prayers on behalf of the family; he also pledged to continue his mother's legacy and offering to leading the Republic of India into the future.

While that was going on, there was anti-Sikh sentiment and protests, which were beginning to escalate into ugly riots that had spread to other parts of the country (more on that later).

Chapter 1: Singh and the fallout of the 10.31.84 Incident.....
9:14 PM IST, Wednesday, October 31, 1984
Rashtrapati Bhavan, New Delhi, India.

May 10, 1984: Indian President Zail Singh greeting US President George HW Bush and US First Lady Barbara Bush at the Rashtrapati Bhavan.
Indian President Zail Singh, who had been facing backlash for his administration's disastrous handling of Operation Blue Star as noted earlier, was facing backlash from all fronts: the wealthy elites who weren't thrilled with him in the first place, the Sikh community, whom felt betrayed over Operation Blue Star.

The assassination of three-term Prime Minister Indira Gandhi on October 31st altered the course of India and Indian politics....not for the better, for the WORST. Despite appointing Indira's son, Rajiv as the country's new Prime Minister, there was anti-Sikh riots going on in parts of the country; Singh tried his best in calming things down by attempting to send law enforcement and military troops in a bid to stop the ugly rioting.

Following the ugly attack on Singh's calvacade when it arrived at the AIIMS on October 31st by an angry mob, the windowpane of the car was broken and damaged; the second attack occurred when one of his bodyguards was attacked, his turban fell off. Even the President's press secretary Tarlochan Singh wasn't spared from the ugly backlash, whose car was set on fire by the angry mob when it arrived at AIIMS, but the driver with quick thinking skills, managed to drive away from the AIIMS to prevent further ugly violence from escalating even further.

According to senior Supreme Court advocate HS Phoolka, who addressed the situation: "I just couldn't believe the ugly backlash. When the President's calvacade, on their way to the AIIMS from the airport, was attacked by a small mob when it reached Sarfdarjung Enclave, they also set Tarlochan's car on fire, and to prevent further violence, the driver managed to speed away very fast.

Within 20 minutes, the attack on the President, send a strong clear message that members of the Sikh community were being targeted with aggressive impunity without any interference from the police. This happened on October 31st and full blown pogrom started on November 1st, which continued for the next three days. Now this would probably be the first incident in history when the President of a country was attacked, and the police, including the commissioner, were present."

Things took an ugly turn when President Singh tried to contact Rajiv, after receiving intelligence reports that Sikhs were being massacred, tortured and God knows only much worse, but according to Singh's daughter, Gurdeep Kaur, believed the new Prime Minister remained elusive and didn't respond to the President's calls.
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Chapter 1: Personal PoV's from folks.....
Personal PoV from Southern India
10:00 PM IST, Wednesday October 31, 1984
Somewhere in the outskirts of Chennai, India.
****The following PoV will be quite erotic. Viewer discretion advised.

[Part I]: "My name is Pooja Bhuptadi and I was in Fine Art II class at the Nehru Boarding School for Girls when my Fine Arts teacher abruptly told us in the classroom that class would have to be cancelled due to "national emergency" for the rest of the week, which got me excited.

The time on that Wednesday morning was 11:00 AM IST and I was curious because Mrs. Khandula would've never let us out of class this early; I could tell she was nervous, being fidgety so I didn't want her to chew me out, so I left with my friends back to the neighborhood. My parents had informed us about the country potentially being on lockdown when my eldest brother, who was in the Indian Naval Reserves (I am one of thirteen siblings) phoned us to let us know that there had been an incident in New Delhi earlier this morning, but couldn't elaborate any further. It took us several hours to find out what really happened.

Fast forward to late Wednesday night, I decided to go to bed for several hours until somewhere around 12:00 AM IST when I got bored and decided to sneak out of the house, because it was too damn hot with the air condition being screwed up....."
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Chapter 1: Personal PoV's!
When Terror Strikes close to home.....
10:36 PM IST, Thursday, November 1, 1984
Somewhere in Southern India

"It was 10:00 PM IST and we were watching the breaking news alerts on television, when we got the news that Prime Minister Gandhi had been assassinated. I was shocked and asked "Who do you think did this?" My mother replied "It might've been a group of people, who were involved despite earlier reports of just two security guards doing the shooting." I continued watching the evening news for a couple of minutes before walking to my room to get some sleep when all of a sudden, there was a loud bang on the door. My father walked up to the door without opening and asked what was going on, then after hearing some commotion which I couldn't hear due to me being asleep, I heard some angry person throwing a Molotov cocktail or something which burst into flames almost quickly.

Now this woke up three of my sisters, Mira, Kayla and Avneet, who was screaming and then immediately, both of my parents yelled "GET UP AND LET'S GET OUT OF HERE NOW!"

We grabbed whatever personal effects, pictures, belongings and ran out of the house before it exploded. I wondered why our house was targeted and before I could ask some questions on what had just transpired, I heard another blast across the neighborhood which I saw three additional houses bursting into flames. The time now was 10:52 PM and we had just lost our home in a mysterious fire that couldn't be comprehended or why our home was targeted. Our family vehicle had become victim to the blast since it was parked in front of the house, so without a home or any transportation to get us out of the neighborhood, which was targeted, we were on our own in the middle of the dark night...

Suddenly, a group of clean-shaven wealthy thugs ambushed us by directing insults at us and then began attacking us. My father tried his best in fighting back against these thugs in attempt to getting us out of the way "GET TO SAFETY NOW!' he yelled as my mother, three sisters and I ran toward the outskirts of town before hearing gunshots being fired. My younger sister, Avneet, was crying upon realizing that dad was dead. We were all scared on what was happening to our family.

Just as we had assumed the ghost was clear, I heard one voice saying in a evil laughing voice "There they are. Let's kill them all" as they cornered us in the outskirts of town. Another said "This isn't right. We shouldn't be doing this, let's get out of here, the message has been sent." One of the other ringleaders snarled "No way! We need to send these freaks a fucking message not to fuck with this country" as my mother shot back "We had nothing to do with what happened today, I don't know why you're targeting us...." before Gustav, the main ringleader of this group of wealthy thugs pulled out a knife and slit my mother's throat in front of my sisters and I as this bastard smiled while doing it.... "That's what you get for being an uppity outside agitator. Now let's finish these other agitators right now" as three of the other ringleaders of the group called "The Bulls" grabbed Avneet, Kayla and Mira while I was being punched in the stomach by Gustav...."

Personal PoV from Sonia Gableet....

What would happen next was extremely disturbing: five members of this ruthless gang called "The Bulls" violently repeatedly raped Sonia all night long which lasted for hours and despite her pleas to let her and her sisters go, it got worse: Gustav (who was wearing a bull necklace), viciously punched her in the face, causing her teeth to get knocked out; he and four other "Bull" members raped her non-stop. After finishing the job, they left and went somewhere to parts unknown, Mira, Kayla and Avneet were unharmed, running back to where their sister, Sonia was; they cried seeing her laid out on a pavement naked, bloodied and bruised due to the violent beating and rape.

Part II of Pooja's personal PoV: Chapter 1
More of Pooja's personal PoV
10:45 PM IST, Wednesday, October 31, 1984
Somewhere in the outskirts of Chennai, India

***The following PoV will be extremely erotic. Viewer discretion advised.

[Part II]: I snuck out of the house by 10:28 PM IST and quietly closed the door because everyone was deep asleep (the house was large and in the heavily secured community was quiet). "Getting the Hell out of here", so I snuck across the street and knocked on the door.... Zachory Alexander, who worked at the US Consulate General office in Chennai answered the door "What's going on?"

I of course replied, "Need to get inside because it's damn hot at my house, can I come in?" Zachory nicely replied "Of course, come in" while he locked the door tightly because all of the blinds were shut and covered with brown curtains on the windows of the house.

I was intrigued by Zachory of course and asked "Can I sleep in one of your rooms tonight?" He took a drink of water "Sure, let me make up the bed..." as we walked all the down the hallway, turned left toward a large room in a windowless bedroom.

Sweating and drenched wet due to the massive heat, I then took off my clothes from head to toe, licked me lips and calmly said "Time to cool off" as Zachory turned around and tried to leave, but deep down, couldn't resist. Before we knew it, we were naked on the bed: I was laying on my back with my legs spread wide as Zachory slowly penetrated me stretching my vagina super wide as I let out quiet moans while he slowly thoroughly penetrated me non-stop.

We had sex for the entire night which lasted for hours. Sometime early on Thursday morning, November 1st: I was still laying on my back on the bed staring at the ceiling fan, while Zachory was on his stomach asleep..."

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