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The Three Powers Alliance

Fortunately for the free peoples of the galaxy, resistance to the Universal Union is despite its claims, not uncoordinated and scattered. Unbeknownst to it exists a powerful force which seeks to free the human race and the galaxy from its scourge.

The United Interstellar States

The United Interstellar States represents the beating heart of free humanity, possessing approximately 25% of the human population. The United States of America was the last Old Earth nation to fall to communism – but it survived, even as nuclear fire consumed New York and Washington DC. Using technology reverse-engineered from a ‘UFO’ crash in 1947, the Reagan Administration enacted the secretive Mayflower Project – 15 colony ships, each carrying 10,000 people, to launch out into the far reaches of space. Using primitive translight drives, it took 120 years for the generation ships to reach their destination – the Columbia Cluster in the galactic core, a collection of densely packed life-bearing worlds shielded from the radiation of the supermassive black hole at the galaxy’s centre by a number of black holes. The journey was long, and only seven of the fifteen ships arrived at their intended destinations. Two others, the Texas and the Queen Elizabeth, were separated by large stellar distances – the others were lost with all hands.

For fifty years, the American colonists settled into a loose confederation, the time-lag of lightspeed radio communication limiting the scope of government. This all changed when the Morovei arrived, fleeing their own artificial intelligences as they rebelled in a co-ordinated genocidal uprising across their space. About ten thousand, the refugees – a short race from a high-gravity world rich in heavy metals and stable transuranics – were integrated into the confederation. Their industriousness saw them quickly becoming valued members of society, while their technology vastly enhanced the capabilities of the colonists. The advent of translight radio enabled the colonies to communicate with each other and form a proper government.

New Washington Station was built at a point in space equidistant from the founding worlds, and a constitution was drafted. It is relatively similar to that of the old United States, but incorporates an absolute ban on the political advocacy of Marxist or pseudo-Marxist ideologies. The governmental structure is again, relatively similar, but incorporates a tricameral legislature – the House is based on population, the Senate gives each fully-incorporated system one delegate (currently there are 360) and the Colonial Council, a peerage made up of the descendants of the officers from the surviving colony ships.

The UIS military is divided into three sections, similar to the old US – Army, Aerospace Force, and the Stellar Navy. Their military technological specialties tend to be in cloaking technology, plasma weaponry on all levels, and power-armoured infantry.

The Nomari Associated Worlds

The Nomari are a diminutive (3”5’-4’, typically) race, covered in fur and with long pointed ears. The Nomari have a generally good-natured attitude towards life, which has slowed their advancement somewhat – though they also have a tendency to throw up incredibly capable – and incredibly reckless individuals. They reproduce quickly – a typical pregnancy lasts six months – and have a pioneer spirit stronger than that of humans. As such, they are larger than the UIS, having apprximately 600 worlds under them.

Their governmental structure is essentially a form of self-organised direct democracy. A leader called the Voltuk is elected for times of war and other crisis and has sweeping powers, but otherwise planets and smaller communities tend to handle their own affairs. Generally they see the UUSSP’s governmental structure and ideology as a sick perversion of their own system of governance, and are more stridently against it than even the UIS.

The Nomari military is geared towards self-defense rather than expeditionary forces, but they nevertheless pull their weight in the alliance – providing large food supplies, unconventional technological developments and brave espionage and special-forces specialists.

The High Kingdom of Elrytha

The Elrytharrai'Laemar’Alta, as it is called in their native language, is scarcely larger than the UIS both in number of planets and population, but brings an edge to the alliance the other two could not do without.

The Elrythans are a long-lived (300-500 years, whereas the best human nanotech medicine can only ensure 120) race, closely resembling humans but with slightly pointed, leaf-shaped ears. Genetic studies have shown bizarre correspondences with humanity, and some speculate that this connection has something to do with the ancient, uninhabited and highly-advanced ruins from 600,000 to 100,000 years old, located in the Elrythan home system and across the galaxy. Elrythan civilisation is 10,000 years old at the least, having maintained clear records since that time. Its current unified space-faring stage is about half that age. The ancient city of Vallanalta – the capital of the Kingdom – exemplifies the tremendous age and cultural advancement of their people, as gleaming towers of iridescent crystal stand beside ancient domed basilicas of gleaming white stone, in a style that would be described in human terms as “neo-byzantine hyperbaroque").

Nevertheless – though they are long-lived and have strong psionic capabilities, the Elrythans are generally overly cautious when it comes to innovation and expansion, and have a low birth-rate – owing to a mix of long life-spans creating less impetus to reproduce, a year-long gestation period, and a greater psychological need for emotional intimacy before engaging in sexual activity.

Their technology is a blend of conventional technologies and those founded on the use of psionic power. It is hard for humans and many other races to overcome their inherent rationalist biases to reach the mental state required for conscious use of the mind’s inherent abilities as a self-collapsing quantum wave function – almost impossible for Morovei. To the Elrythans, slipping into such a mentality is second nature. The abilities this grants are multitudinous – from hyperawareness and “effortless action”, to telekinesis and telepathy, to pyrokinetic firestorms capable of levelling cities – depending of course, on the aptitude, training, tools and inherent mental strength of the individual. Crystalline and metallic substances capable of channeling or enhancing psionic power are common components of all Elrythan technology. Despite its differences from the typical technological base used by most star-faring nations, Elrythan technology is not more advanced, but has merely followed a different progression path.

Elrythan society is highly formal and traditional, run as a semi-constitutional monarchy currently under High Queen Erysseara. Nevertheless, they have accepted the changing face of the galaxy and recognise the destructive threat the UUSSP poses to their way of life, despite their isolationist tendencies. A number of emigrants have even left the Kingdom to seek lives away from its stifling formalities in the UIS, and have founded ‘Little Elrythan’ communities across its various worlds. They have even managed to train some humans in the art of manifesting psionic abilities.
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i once readed "A canticle for Leibowitz" by Walter .M .Miller.In the end, last pope send there 3 cardinals with orphans and Swiss guard to space.
Could last pope send them here on one of those ships ?
Yes.And usually,in Stalin/Mao/Polpot like state people are murdered anyway after they agree to be estonian agents and fascist.But only after they sell to party their friends and family.

I think,that communism really is work of satan - becouse normal humans could kill and steal from others,but in communism they must degrade themselves,too.
The important question is whether Humans and Elrythans can reproduce.
Moroveri,as space dwarf,and nomari,as space hobbits,should be considered as possibility,too.
But,since it is LOTR style space opera,i think that only Elrythans and only in few cases.

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