Governorships to watch in 2022


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Here are the Governorships I'll be watching this year:
*MI: Can MI Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D) hold on against former Detroit PD Police Chief James Craig (R) ?

*KS: KS GOP determined to win back Cedar Crest (Residence of the KS Governor)

*WI: WI Governor Tony Evers (D), who despite winning 4 consecutive statewide elections as WI Superintendent of Public Instruction (2009, 2013, 2017) & WI Governor (2018), has been facing outright hostility from the GOP-controlled WI State Legislature, who has aggressively used the McConnell playbook at full max.

It looks like former WI Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch (R) will be the GOP nominee.

*IA: How long will IA Governor Kim Reynolds (R) stay in Cedar Hill (Residence of the IA Governor) ?

*GA: The Dem nominee will obviously be former State Rep & former GA House of Representatives Minority Leader Stacey Abrams (D-Atlanta).

Most intriguing to watch will be the GOP primary between GA Governor Brian Kemp (R) & former United States Senator David Perdue (R-GA).

*FL: Will FL Governor Ron DeSantis (R) win reelection by double digits ?

*PA (Open): Can the PA Dems keep the Governor's Residence (Residence of the PA Governor) for a 3rd consecutive term in 2022 ?

PA State Attorney General Josh Shapiro (D) will likely become the Dem nominee for the Governorship.

*NV: Can NV Governor Steve Sisolak (D) & the down-ballot statewide officeholders avoid the GOP wave ?

*AZ (Open): Will the AZ Dems break their losing streak in 2022 ? AZ Secretary of State Katie Hobbs (D) will force the GOP to spend precious resources in the Grand Canyon State.

*OR (Open): Will the OR GOP pull a Youngkin-style shocker & end 36 years of Dem control of Mahonia Hall (Residence of the OR Governor) in 2022 ?
The 2022 Vote: AZ Governorship


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Here's some articles on the 2022 AZ Gubernatorial election:
She Defended Democracy. Do Voters Care?

KTAR News: Lake is the only GOPer who is beating Hobbs in head-to-head polling surveys:

Tucson Sentinel reporting on some unhappiness inside the AZ Dems:

Arizona Republic's juicy article on Hobbs, Lopez's baggage & skeletons in the closet:
First Hobbs, now López. Democrats need a candidate for governor who isn't dragging baggage
2023 KY Gubernatorial elections


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KY State Attorney General Daniel Cameron (R) announcing his campaign for the KY Governor's Mansion in 2023 against KY Governor Andy Beshear (D).

Cameron joins a growing GOP primary field for the right take on a popular incumbent Dem Governor who's got 60% approval rating.
2022 PA Governor's Residence


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