Weekend tour guide 2.0: Modern boogaloo.


Ни шагу назад!
Just like the other thread, but with no timerange.
So, your friendly neighbourhood ASB has decided that you need a weekend side gig, and of course you have little say in the matter.
The ASB in question wants you to take important guests on tours of your country/city/local library/miscellaneous "attraction".
The ASB will even let you choose the participants you will be showing around, as long as they are historically noteworthy figures which are still remembered today.
This can be as "prominent" as random diarists used as sources in historians research papers/articles.

You will receive payment of 1000 USD per person, per day, and the same amount for accomodations per wprson per day.
You also have two weeks of time to plan each tour.
ASB magic will somehow make it possible for you to understand their language and dialect.

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