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  • You might want to turn the separate quotes of your wordy signature into a table. It's more space efficient.
    Every time my temper cools, and I start to think I was simply overreacting, I get reminded of the ways in which many of the people on this forum act no differently that those I abandoned SpaceBattles to avoid. I suppose it's just in our nature as human beings for all of us to argue in bad faith at times, and I will never truly escape it.
    I just want to thank the Christians of this forum for reminding me why I will never ascribe to your religion.
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    Honestly, I'd kind of like to have a word with the Big Guy Himself before taking anything His human followers say and do too seriously.

    Only thing I'll accept is a two-way, face-to-face conversation where the two of us sit down and have a talk in good ol' 21st century English, where He clarifies exactly what He means and explains what all of "this" is in terms we can understand. Anything less and they can forget about it, so anyone who wants to convince me will have to get me a direct line to Him first.
    UPS takes on huge numbers of temporary workers with no background this time every year as Drivers Helpers and Package handlers. It's physical work, and you cant miss a single day, but UPS does virtually all it's hiring internally, so this is how a lot of guys get their foot in the door.
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