DC An Alternate Batman Charecter sheet

Considering people are making Alt Batman origins and character sheets I thought I'd give it a shot, critique it, make your own, knock yourself out. this is primarily for fun. this is partial a character sheet, partial not. I may write a fanfic if inspiration strike me.

"Bruce is weird, always was even when we were kids he was never content to laze in his mansion and live off the family name. He always wanted to be on the front line. Ya know? Bats isn't some kind of mask or split personality. he's who Bruce is under the Rolex watches and three piece suits. He wants to do for others what he couldn't do for his parents, he wants to take the bullets so that someone rich or poor doesn't have to suffer the loss of losing a loved one.

- Sofia Falcone talking about her boyfriend's alter-ego

Name: Bruce Wayne
Alias(es): Batman, The Dark Knight, The Caped Crusader, The Black Angel, Nosferatu
Relatives: Thomas Wayne (Father) Martha Wayne (Mother) Thomas Wayne Jr. (Brother) Arthur Fleck (Half-Brother) Jacob Kane (Uncle) Elizabeth Kane (Cousin) Katherine Kane (Cousin)

Associates: Alfred Pennyworth (Butler) Sofia Gigante Falcone (Girlfriend) Lucius Fox (Business Partner) Commissioner Jim Gordan (Boss) Mayor West Anderson (Ally) Superman (ally)

Sex: Male
Age: 25
Height: 6'2
Weight: 202


WayneCo INC. : A multibillion International company that has it's reach everywhere from E-commerce to robotics to entertainment.

The Falcone Family: While the Falcone Family has stepped away from the criminal lifestyle, they still have a lot of pull in Gotham and work as one of his many eyes and ears.

Gotham City Police Depart: To give himself more legitimacy and to help hold himself more accountable Batman has made himself an official part of the police department. He's essentially the one made first responder that handles the crimes that the Gordan's forces can't get to or can't handle. While he's not opposed to using lethal force, he will not use it unless Gordan gives the call as he wants to make sure to do it "by the book."

Education: High School Graduate (Gotham High 17)


Pencils inks and colors by Steve Scott
Origin: Leaving the theater after a 10th year anniversary screening of The Shadow, Bruce's life was changed forever, when a member of a rioting mob gunned down his parents. it was then he learned a hard truth. Regardless of status neither death nor crime were a respecter of persons. He would dedicate the next 10 years of his free time taking every self-defense class he could from Karate, to Taekwondo. As well as learning Muay Thai,
Krav Maga, and Boxing from his uncle a. After graduating highschool, Bruce would enlist in the Marine Corps. After four years of service he would comeback and take over his father's company, however while he is the face of the company, he let's Lucius Fox handle the business while Bruce helps the GCPD clean up the streets as batman.

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