Netflix Avatar the Last Air Bender Live Action.


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So, Avatar the Last Airbender the Live Action adaptation has dropped. I'm only 3 episodes in and so far...its pretty good. I feel so far its a fairly faithful live adaptation.

I've friends who liked the original who like it. I've friends who had never seen the original who really liked it.

It could be good.

I am baffled and unwilling to check on mere sentiment of...Why live-action the same thing that was made before (and even live-action'd before)? Remaking the same show with less filler/depth and an incapability of doing some things based on budget/reality-restrictions just seems so useless when you could have gone back a few avatars and made something new.

Why do a live-action 'greatest hits' series? Besides the obvious 'member-berries marketing it's just so...blah
I'm also confused why there's been this push lately to do live-action versions of animated works, especially when there is very little that could be "improved" on. I know with some of it, like with the Cowboy Bebop live-action, it's because of the usual "for a modern audience" cultural vandalism. I also wonder about animation age ghetto, which is to say that some people seem to think something can't be taken seriously, or be "good" unless it's live-action. So I am by default against live-action remakes of animated works on general principal.

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