Can't click on people's profiles

I am pretty sure that it is a reported problem after the previous update.
And it happens only in some cases, for isntance, I can click on your username and get the mini info box, then get to your profile, maybe because I blocked you.


In any case, it looks like the link works in some situations but not in others, and when I try it a while back the problem was with some request to /job.php or /jobs.php, sometimes the problem is different, though, like when I try to open the tooltip menu for some users with a click, then this call fails:
The Sietch REMOVED]&_xfResponseType=json

There is a problem with some users, but not others, I can see the tooltip for @Zachowon in the members section, then open his page, but not in the case of @Abhorsen

There is still a 500 when the request hits job.php.

Googled job.php xenforo and there is some file on Github and inside there is some function about blocked or banned people, and I did block Zach once upon a time, so maybe breakage related to that file or to the blocklist is breaking this, too.

@SietchTechOps kindly do the needful ASAP ^^^ this is probably related to your other problems.

EDIT: nevermind, checked the XF 2 source code(don't ask how I got it) and I found the ignore user function is a PHP config one:

Still though, this might be related to this and some of your other problems, like the connection cutting out during processing due to some timeout or something similar.

In any case, it is frigging annoying for me to search for the actual username and edit the profile link to add /ingore after it so as to block people, it is not like I am helping you out out of altruism or anything, b-baka!!!
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