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Aug 11, 2019
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Rethan Manor
@Duke Nukem Unless this is for something in particular, it would be more useful for us to have a general cyoa thread rather than a thread for each of them. I'd suggest you set it up yourself so you can reap the reaction score and get general credit.


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Aug 13, 2019
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The Drakwald
What path will you take?
I refuse to minmax so I'm going to go through and follow my GUT as to the best choices... (and get distracted by eye candy as well) and see what I come up with.

Husky Khanate

Will I be a soldier, farmer, banker, scientist, engineer or doctor?

Wow... I'm not close to any of those things. I guess the most attainable for me would be the Banker class. (+1 Renewal)

My location?

Oh geez... again... none of this is applicable... I guess the Midwest so either the Hidden Valley (F:NV reference) or the Farm... ehhhh..... probably the farm... it has a lake nearby. That is actually more relevant then any other location. Farm on the Edge of the World it is. (+2 Renewal)

Population Size? Oh we're going Large... fifty is supposedly Dunbar's Maximum number of people for a hunter-gatherer society or a World of Warcraft guild to coordinate so yeah.... fifty. Any less and I'd get bored and have to make more population. (-1 Renewal, 3 Group Types.

Group Types? I already chose a Farm... so obviously Farmers/Growers will be required for consistency. I'm pretty economic focused... so I'm going with Builders as the second group type. The LAST thing I want are journalists and investigators snooping about... ugh.. and hard no on the Occultists. Which means either Healers or Martials... I'm going Healers. Being a soft target will help with the themes of hope and optimism tempered by naivety and create plot potential for character growth and story arcs. (Growers + 1 Renewal, Builders +1 Advancement, Healers +1 Renewal)

Initial Shelter? Constructed of course... that's what the builders are for... good grief.

Starting Troubles... *automatically skips the ones that aren't location specific* Oh the Farm predicted my own behavior... this is great. Pacification it is. We just feel less aggressive... and it'll be hard for us to defend ourselves! I love being a victim... someone strong and HARD and masculine save us!

Page One: The First Decade of the Husky Khanate.

A formerly wealthy Banker has moved to a Farm at the Edge of the World where things just feel more peaceful and has gathered a large group of workers, farmers and health care workers to this bountiful refuge.

Advancement: 1 Advancement
Renewal: 4 Renewal
Insight: Huh... what?


Perimeter Walls (Moderate) will be our only physical defenses. We are pacified and adverse to violence after all and with only one advancement point... that's the best we can afford. (-2 Points)

Training: I was going to pass on this until I saw it said 'few combatants' and with the picture of the dojo, it made more sense to me that maybe basic martial training would be appropriate for our people. It will give us more options to deal with lower scale problems as opposed to just bending over and taking it. That is often the POV of many martial arts philosophies as well including Aikido and Judo and the like. Better to have the choice and ability to prevent an escalation of violence. (-2 Points)

Notably I didn't pick Wards... it's only been a year... I have lost my mind to the fact the old world is over yet. :p


Wind and Sun: If I have more points I'll go for Eve since it makes a lot of thematic sense... but in a post-apocalyptic scenario renewable and accessible energies like Wind and Sun would make sense especially for a small community since both would be available more plentifully here in our farmland area especially. (-3 Points, +1 Renewal)


Schoolhouse: Of course we'll want a schoolhouse... especially that schoolhouse... it's in the middle of farm country! (-1 Point)
Storehouse: If by storehouse you mean a BANK... then of course we'll have a storehouse. (-1 Point)
Sewage: Seems random... but being an agricultural community, we'll need to deal with a lot of waste and put it to proper use so... yeah. Sewage as well. (requires 1 Advancement, -2 Points)
Clinic: We have healers so a Clinic would be rather perfunctory. (requires 1 Insight, -2 Points)
Tower: OMG yes... screw the library... I want a SIX STORY SKYSCRAPER filled with books, artifacts and brimming with enchantment. (requires 3 Renewal, - 3 Points)

Page Two: Year One of the Husky Khanate

Our growing farm community has built walls because good fences make for good neighbors. We are also trying to live more sustainably while still seeking out knowledge of the old world and the new one we find ourselves in to bless our quiet corner of the world.

SCP's: 24 points
Advancement: 1 Advancement
Renewal: 5 Renewal
Insight: Huh... what?


Jack 'Talon' Black: Ruthless and heartless mercenary? Nope... hard pass.
Wu, the Sorcerer: I do love owls... but eccentric mages? Bit of an overbearing stereotype... oh goodness... also from the Three Portlands... they're probably responsible for the Eschaton... Pass.
Simon Terslin: Sorry... too much pre-baggage. Feel free to hang out but you won't be employed in any official capacity. :p
Ekaterina Kedryuk: While breaking and entering my home is a bit offsetting, the fact I'm still alive and her portfolio is highly accredited and she came to me for employment... unlike many I don't have any hang ups with the CIA so yes, you can stay since deep down... she's a patriot who wants to help people and unlike many of us, she'll get her hands dirty to do it. We might need that in the times to come. (-3 points, + 1 Advancement)
Wang Chi: This person seems to personify what I'm building up to this point. It'd be weird and anti-thematic not to recruit him. (-3 Points, +1 Renewal)
Ollistaraa: I'd love to give her a hug but I can't recruit everybody. I won't have enough points! Plus thematically, not sure that anomaly is a fit for me. It very easily could be... but there might be more appropriate characters down the road or other choices. (I looked over the other character choices... maybe this one can ease us into anomalous acceptance) (- 3 Points, + 1 Insight)
Sergeant Amelia Baxton: Former US Army Ranger might be a shoe in for us. Plus if there's one thing ladies love... it's loyalty and she seems to exemplify that.. as well as survival by any means... and killing which is what many of us are averse to. On board. (-3 Points, +1 Advancement)
Elephtheria: Broken Girl? Sorry... I don't wanna play that storyline out.
Dis Aglaecwif: Intriguing, but we'll pass. The sympathetic monster on the fringe of society just isn't what I'm looking for.
Vigfus Haemigngsson: Engineer is nice... but the fact his stubborn, disorderly and disobedient probably won't synch well with us despite his impressive capabilities.
Nicola Aristide: Oh my gosh... finally a character that can work with my Banker. She's on board, our growing community will need another Administrator type for sure. She actually seems like one of the types who would end up here. (-3 Points, +1 Renewal)
Laura Barberon: Hmmmm maybe she could fit... we'll see how many points I have left lol. The rebellious girl theme is more compelling and relevant and thematically interesting to me then the broken one.
Subject 14: Not a fit for my Haven I feel.
Dr. Claudia O'Brannon: She had me as soon as her first quote said "ph level of soil.' Hired! Also she has applicable skills to healing and farming and psionic powers as well. Nice. (-3 Points, +1 Renewal)
Ser Waxwell: He could be a fit... not quite sure to be honest. Might still be too out there for our humble farming community at this juncture.
Earl James Barkley: Don't have any insight into this character... :p
Sarasvarti: She might actually be a good fit for our Haven, if I can afford the points. Even though she's from the Three Portlands area I can overlook that. Having been a Banker, I've worked with many a mathematically inclined South Asians and her focus on scholarship, math and strategy and renewal could be quite valuable and thematically appropriate. (-6 points, +2 Advancement)
Dr. Cyxon Belyak: NOPE
The Old King: Thanks but no thanks on the creepy Monarchy. This Haven just isn't for you.

Page Three:

We attracted a lot of professionals of the Old World to our Haven. a patriotic CIA Analyst and Intelligence Agent, a former strongman, martial artist and now pacifistic farmer from China, a US Army Ranger survivalist, a corporate Administrator, a psionic biochemist with a background in health sciences and a seven foot tall four armed Indian woman with a kendo martial arts background and is both scholar, intellectual, mathematician, physicist, and strategist.

SCP's: 0 points
Advancement: 5 Advancement
Renewal: 8 Renewal
Insight: 1 Insight!!!

Religion: Initially I was thinking Yahweh or no way, but freedom of religion (though maybe not the ones that would murderize you for reasons) is an American and our Haven value. Plus.. Sarasvarti doesn't seem like the Bible thumping type. Freedom of Religion it is! (-1 Renewal, +2 Insight) Zomg I tripled my Insight!!!

Government: A democracy would be ideal but with the kind of characters we attracted so far I'm not sure how applicable or practical it'd be. Plus with the characters I've gathered to my banner, it honestly seems like it'd be naturally more elitist regardless so.... Elitist Oligarchy will be my choice. Despotism just isn't practical either... I can't imagine my humble Banker somehow managing to being completely dictatorial with the kind of characters I gathered around myself. (x2 Chosen Group type bonus... in this case it'll obviously have to be Growers so.... +2 Renewal)

Views on the Anomalous: We'll tolerate them. From the choices I made so far it seems to be a open Haven but we obviously aren't a fit for many anomalous beings out there. (+1 Insight)


Now I have:
5 Advancement (2 choices)
9 Renewal (4 choices)
4 Insight (2 choices)

Advancement Traditions:
Mandatory Military Service: Seems doubtful, if only six months away from the farm... good heavens no!
Warrior Society: We're not particularly martial unfortunately.
Legalism: I'm far from a Legal Eagle but based on the choices I've made so far, having a bare bones and lightfooted legal code to enforce a civil society would make sense, especially to enforce things like contracts and help protect our freedoms like that of religion.
Transportation: Doesn't seem that thematic with what we're trying to go for as our weird post-apocalyptic futurist Agrohaven.
Tomorrowland: It looks cool and is definitely appealing but doesn't seem to fit the theme of my Haven either.
Education Station: So this is what our Schoolhouse and Library Tower evolved into. Sarasvarti would be happy!

Renewal Traditions:
Sterile Society: Sounds lame...
Form over Function: Depends on the architectural style to be honest but sure... why not?
Sorcerer School:
Enchantment Forges: It was a hard choice between a Sorcerer School or an Enchantment Forge, especially since the latter sounds rather militant but I went with this instead. I passed on a few Sorcerer characters already after all and Enchantment Forges sounds like something our Builders and our University would evolve into... creating magitech for the future though not necessarily magitech weapons.
Marketplace of Ideas: Considering our lack of insight and the fact we're a net exporter of foodstuffs and tolerance, this fits in with our society pretty well.
Breadbasket: Obviously. The fact that breadbasket describes us as a idyllic agrarian paradise kinda fits the whole motif I stumbled into perfectly. From Farm on the Edge of the World to Idyllic Agrarian Paradise. Works for me.

Insight Traditions:
Sacrifices: Fuck no.
The Inquisition: I'm pretty leery of this... but considering the other choices I guess having a special CIA TRAINED group of specialists to protect us from super dangerous anomalies actually makes a lot of sense, especially since we're so violence averse in the first place. Probably give it a more secular name tho...
Augmentation: Mehhhh.
Nightwalkers: Sounds uninteresting to me.
Guardians: lol what? I'm so glad I didn't choose Insight.
Prehistoric Clothing: This rash thing sounds silly but if it gives Insightful people the choice of wearing less clothes or wearing organic cotton, leather, furs and wool from MY IDYLLIC HAVEN then it is a choice I will gladly make! LESS CLOTHES FOR EVERYONE! :sneaky:(y)

In summation the Husky Khanate now has the following traditions:
Education Station
Form over Function Architecture
Enchantment Forges
Marketplace of Ideas
The Inquisition
Prehistoric Clothing


5 Advancement
9 Renewal
4 Insight

The Sentinel (5 Advancement): Getting a giant mekhane monstrosity working to defend us would seem like a reasonable thing to do. Especially since I passed on Ser Waxwell.

The Obelisk (5 Renewal): Awww that's delightful. I like it. Keeping us a happy beacon in the post-eschaton darkness.

The Network: (8 Renewal): Seems a bit too collectiveish but this is the new world I guess. I'm not sold on it somehow magically curing depression... but then again... the psi-neural network does sound like magic so... yeah.


Clockwork: Positives are good but we passed on transportation. Negatives are silly since we won't raid them for their stuff.
Lyria: Positives seem more appealing to us and they seem kinda similar to us as well. Negatives again... we're not warring with them and certainly don't want them hacking our... Psi-Neural network or whatever.
Aether: Flying bikes and magi immigration sounds amazing and in line with what we established in our Haven. The negatives at least aren't violence either.
Haven: GOC doesn't seem like bad people and we have strong connections with the pre-war governments anyhow. Plus I like the idea of mutal defense. Negatively I certainly wouldn't want to be on their bad side of course.
Three Portlands: Oh screw you guys... I'm getting an extra diplomacy point from your Godless types. Your probably responsible for all of this anyways. :p
The Library: Positives are that I do like libraries. And I don't like inviting sabotage and theft.

We'll be friends with Aether, Haven and The Library and be needlessly antagonistic towards Three Portlands and their (probably homeless) tourists/migrants.

Final Score for the Husky Khanate

In some aspects you have rebuilt some of Humanities technology, rebuilding computers, cars and making proper roads and walls. Though your Haven is nothing spectacular, your people are safe and comfortable in the home you have built for them.

You know the Dark and you know how to fight it. With teachings and documents of the Guardians you have trained your people how to fight the anomalous effectively and you have welcomed certain anomalous beings that will keep your people safe.

Most of all, your Haven is well known for its economic wealth due to all of the nearby mineral deposits. Your people are kept fed and healthy thanks to your clans of Doctors and Farmers and both magic and trade flow through your city.
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