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Overview of evolution of uniform and gear from 1914 to 1945. The channel has a lot more stuff including more detailed explanation of individual phases, but it is in German, not a big problem for me, but could be for some.
Most of the videos this guy makes tackle more paranormal subject matter, but this one is about discussing myths involved with this ship's sinking.

Eastory previously covered WW2 on the Eastern and Western Fronts, and now is Covering the Mediterranean Theater in what'll apparently be a three part series. This first part covers 1940 and the first part of 1941.


This short film is the story of 2 twin brothers that survived the horrors of World War 2. And lived to be both both 100 years old.
The crossover you didn't realize you needed.

Covert Cabal and Binkov Battlegrounds. They talk about Ukraine... of course, as well as the pernicious YouTube algorithm, wargames, other military Youtubers and a grab bag of other subjects.

BazBattles, who I think was one of the first if not thee first person to make animated maps of historical battles on YouTube, is making videos again. I actually like him a fair bit more then the more prolific Kings & Generals (whose actually kind of woke tbh with their endorsement of Black Lives Matter and crap like that) so it's nice to see he's still churning out videos. Seems like a smaller scale creator as well.

He's released four videos over the past month but sadly they aren't getting as many views as a lot of his older videos, or those of his contemporaries, are getting. I love his content though so hopefully it can gain in popularity since I want him to keep making awesome battle vids.

Here's a pair of his videos covering more niche and lesser known Battles.

He also covered a Game of Thrones Battle and the Doolittle Raid recently as well on his channel.
New Channel (at least to most of the internet) called Digital Battlefield Tours posted a nice thicc 45 minute video about the Rhodesian Bush War on a macro level and more specifically on Rhodesian FireForce Tactics!

Halfway through the video myself and I'm liking it. It has nice graphics as well as the data and narration. Seems relatively evenhanded in presentation as well.
Montemayor is probably creating the best historical battle analysis videos on YouTube IMHO. Only drawback is how it takes months for his videos to be released.

He's covered the Attack on Pearl Harbor, and the Battles of Midway, Coral Sea and Savo Island among others before and those long videos were amazing.

Now his latest two videos covered the Battle of the Eastern Solomons from both the American and Japanese perspective and really explored the Fog Of War and how it affected and filled in the context of the Battle itself.

You'll wanna watch the video on the American POV first for the best narrative of the engagement.

I don't care if I post every Bazbattles video upload. He's the original battlemap YouTuber and I still like him far more then fancy Kings & Generals.

Unlike many of his videos which cover barely known battles and engagements, this involves the famous Battle of Teutoburg Forest.

When the Trees Start Speaking German...

The World War 2 channel WW TWO with Host indy nidel.
They are doing a 24 hour episode by episode of the first 24 of D-Day. Combining the first couple hours combined and every hour they have the next premiere.
Basically you can be moment by moment for D-day
First six hours...

And beginning of the hour by hour coverage of the Amphibious assault itself starting at Hour Seven.

lol age restricted. Never change YouTub.
Found two new YouTuber channels of interest.

Firstly is a channel I found through the American Civil War YouTuber Warhawk (who again makes amazing content not just about the American Civil War anymore) is a YouTuber who calls him Field Marshal. He too uses animated maps to detail battles and conflicts and is currently covering the War of Spanish Succession from 1701-1713 which originated with the contention for the Spanish Crown between the Austrian Hapsburgs and the French and their many varied allies.

The second is called Old Britannia, which deals with a lot of military history but more of the political and diplomatic aspects that surround the actual conflicts themselves. While his videos cover a wide range of topics, a lot of them are focused on 18th and 19th century European political history and conflicts such as the Seven Years War or Napoleonic Era for example but there's topics covering everything ranging from the Anglo-American rivalry in the Interwar Period to the Scramble for Africa and the War Aims of the Great Powers during World War One.

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Found another YouTube channel of interest, it's called Gold and Gunpowder and has a strong focus on Pirate History and media.

Here's one of their shortest videos and an older one which I watched awhile ago and actually seems pretty good.

Along with covering historical pirates and other historical figures, he covers events and aspects of Pirate society, culture and life and perhaps just as interestingly reviews and analyses pirate media like Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean or the television show Black Sails.

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History of everything is also a good one.
He doesn't solely do military but a lot of his shirts invovle them
Just came across Flash Point History which offers a more 'television' style documentary of things. Having recently read about Colombus and the Portuguese Empire in the Indian Ocean (and Africa) and other Age of Exploration sagas, finding this long video in my recommendations list was a real treat.

He even referenced a Roger Crowley book which I read (and inaugurated a thread about Reading Books about) called The Conquerors. Which was a good book btw... and this was a good watch.

They've been apparently been making videos for a while now, including ones on the Byzantine Empire, the Spanish Reconquista and even some one shot videos like one on the Battle of Alesia or the Doolittle Raid.

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