On Shooting Onesself in the Foot (A Leslie Fish blog post)


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On Shooting Oneself In The Foot

I'll go out on a limb here and make a wild prediction: that Trump will win re-election in 2020 (unless someone shoots him first, in which case we'll get Pence -- oh, joy), and that the wiser heads among the Democratic National Committee know it.

No, really! Back in my wild and woolly youth I did a lot of grassroots political work -- in Michigan and Chicago, where I also worked for minor but well-run newspapers. One thing I learned was that when a political party is facing an election, when it knows it's going to lose, it will put up at least one candidate who's severely "ideological" -- i.e. flogs the party's wildest and most extreme policies. Why? In order to win the loyalty of the new young voters -- preferably voting for their first time: the idealistic, politically inexperienced and naive youngsters, the kids who really believe they can change the whole world with one vote if they can just turn out enough voters. Offering the kids their political dream is a good way to win their loyalty for the next 20 years, hopefully. It doesn't matter if the candidate is too far out to possibly win the election; the party was going to lose it anyway. This is why the Republicans put up Barry Goldwater in 1964. Check your history.

This would also explain, as nothing else can, the DNC and its media-flacks frantically hyping members, policies, and candidates that are totally unelectable -- while doing its best to shoot down its one really electable candidate. Over the past year we've seen the usual Democrat crew fawning over grotesque Jew-haters like Tlaib, Omar and Sarsour, with no sense of how these characters annoy and actually worry the majority of American voters. We've also seen them trying to rehabilitate "Socialism" by selling it to high school students who have little to no idea what the term means, but just might be eligible to vote in 2020, much to the dismay of their parents. And then there's the amazing circus of the Democratic candidate debates, which have spurred the candidates to astonishing feats of public idiocy. Swalwell took himself out of the race early by promising to ban all civilian firearms and send the police from house to house confiscating them. And then no less than Robert O'Rourke (who's 100% Irish-American but took the nickname "Beto" in order to snuggle up to the Latino voters, who would have to be prize idiots to trust him) not only boasted of loving the same policy but proved himself outrageously ignorant about firearms by claiming that the AR-15 was a "weapon of war" and the AK-47 could be easily bought by civilians anywhere in the US. And then, at the last debate, the other candidates turned on Joe Biden, of all people, and accused him of being too old and senile to take the job of president; this will not sit well with the older Democrat voters. If this was intended to funnel Democrat voters into going for Warren and Harris, both nicely liberal women (as Hillary was supposed to have been), it's too little and too late; smart Republicans have already dug up political and financial dirt on both of them, and will doubtless find more. About the only selling-point the Democrats have left is hate-Trump-get-Trump-anything-but-Trump, a tune which the voters are growing bored with hearing.

So why are the Democrats so determinedly shooting themselves in the foot like this? If it isn't the losing-year sacrifice, what's the reason? They can't really believe that their way-out agenda actually appeals to to the majority of voters, can they? Do they think that their bloated media-campaign will make up for contrary information which voters can see for themselves? Or are they thinking ahead not to 2020 but 2024, hoping that by then they will have dutifully propagandized enough of the new young voters to bring in a Democrat landslide?

Or have they so thoroughly brainwashed themselves that they actually believe their own propaganda, and think that voters hate Trump and adore their people and policies as much as they themselves do? Such thundering stupidity is hard to believe, but stranger things have happened.

Still, going on the assumption that the average politically-active Democrat has at least average intelligence, I'll hold out for the ideological-sacrifice theory and a foreseen second term for Trump -- or maybe a term for Pence.

--Leslie <;)))><

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So, anyway, the blog’s been censored, probably for calling out the gender cultural wars (at least, that had some fanatic demanding Leslie’s Cancellation over on r/filk). Archive is here. Also there‘s a backup on goodreads
Per the archive link, the blog had been inactive with no posts since Jan '23; the archive was updated in Nov '23 but none of the posts on Goodreads from January through July were present, and she hasn't posted since July either.

This does not prove censorship.
Redditors are just a bunch of moral grandstanding cunts that like to talk shit on other people.
The sheer misandry on there is quite hilarious.

Someone posted a scenario once (I think it was on AITA or RelationshipAdvice), and the Redditors were all in favour of the woman, despite her being clearly in the wrong (cheating, gaslighting, creating an 'escape fund' for no reason, et cetera). Then the OP said "my bad, I meant he", and suddenly all that support vanished and the man was vilified for being "suspicious" and "toxic". :ROFLMAO:

Except if it's for something impartial like PC repairs, never go to Reddit for advice: The women on there are all misandrist to some extent, and most men are literally the definition of being a Beta/P-whipped.
So, anyway, the blog’s been censored, probably for calling out the gender cultural wars (at least, that had some fanatic demanding Leslie’s Cancellation over on r/filk). Archive is here. Also there‘s a backup on goodreads
The dreaded 'transgender' debate is perhaps the left's largest golden calf.
It's actually so bad that reddit has what many subs call the 'secret rule', where you cannot speak negatively about transgender people, even if it's unrelated to their gender dysphoria.


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