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Oct 6, 2019
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Life may not be meaningless without death, but sex certainly is. Death and sex go hand in hand, and are the twin nucleotide ribbons on the helix of evolutionary pressure. It's well known that nearly dying tends to make people horny, I think it's deeper than that, I believe the ultimate root of sexual immorality is a failure to cope with your own mortality.
The thirstiest ancient societies were also the most violent, and the generally randiest professions are all extremely dangerous. Or percievedly dangerous. While assassinations of politicians are rare, they are thoroughly publicized and a well known occupational hazard. Thus, powerful people, feel the need to drop their sword into women after seeing the sword dangling at their heads.
Transhumanists, an entire political philosophy built around vol de mort, frequently suffer from skin crawling paraphilias. Eclipse Phase's infamous ability for you to play as a 3d l*li prostitute becomes a whole lot more revealing and disturbing when one finds out that He Who Did Not Kill Himself himself was a consultant for that game.
Let's also look to toxic mascu
No such thing Soy Boy.
Let's also look to perverse and illogical, oft harmful expectations men are held up to. These are that sexual activity and violent behavior (or interests that are used in lieu of violence for law abiding individuals such as sports) are not just enjoyable, but mandatory to a man's self-actualization. These attitudes are also more common in the jobs that I've described.
Theory: "Toxic Masculinity" is a gender-baiting term for a defense mechanism against guilt where people insist that their forbidden actions are normal and necessary for success.
Society may not be as violent as earlier horniness, however, it's too willing to say that you're about to die. It loves talking about what's going to kill you. It loves showing you that you're going to die no matter how well you do because other people failed. And it doesn't want to solve death, it just wants to make death problematic. This is behind our ongoing sexual morality crisis.
I think that if healthier approaches to the reality of death were normal, that sexual assault, infidelity and pornography addiction would be less of a societal scourge.
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Jan 7, 2020
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The relationship between death and sex is a fascinating one, and I think you are onto something about said relationship is crucial to grasping the human psyche.

I also agree that people in violent professions either who doled it out or are exposed to it-are often more sexually active, more promiscuous. I would say also-at a deep primal level, woman are attracted to violent men. Or men who embody violent traits.

In ancient times-men who could crack skulls, and kill people were also the men who forged empires, tribes, and strong families. They were providers and saviors. Thus women gravitated to them.

Nowadays-violence is a lot more specialized and not as many men have to be violent for survival, political advancement, or in pursuit of some other aim. This makes a lot of men feel unmanly or that they don't measure up. Its telling though-that in our cultural repertoire-violent men are the ones we admire. Whether they be James Bond, Conan the Barbarian, or Dominic Toretto. But they are still socialized by said culture-deeply rooted to see "toxic masculinity" as something they must adhere too. When...all it is, are qualities which simply most people don't need in modern civilization. For a modern, relatively peaceful civilization-the masculine behavior of ages past is indeed "toxic" and destabilizing. Which is perhaps one of the deepest crises of the age-we as human beings are not designed or evolved(depending on your mileage) for this comfortable, easy lifestyle. We still have the same behavioral drives, the same primal urges we did six thousand years ago. Which don't match with post industrial wealthy societies.

I think one issue with death is-well we fear it. People don't treat death as the reality it is, but as something to ignore and not talk about-funerals are unpleasant excursions from fantasy of death not being, to seeing it real. Which has deep affects on the psyche, I would say. This also has to deal with how comfortable life is, people often don't see death often. In fact-they often go decades of their lives with no real experience of it. In ancient times-death was omnipresent-dead parents, dead children, dead strangers, dead kin, dead enemies, and this familiarity with it did not make people morbid, simply more well adjusted.
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