United States Walmart Shooting



Apparently a disgruntled manager shot up some of his fellow employees in the break room and then offed himself.

Given the employee in question wasn’t white, expect the media to shuffle this under the rug because it doesn’t fit The Narrative about White gun owners and so on.


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I did end up hearing about this thanks to the usual "we need to ban all guns" bullshit, though.
On Thanksgiving Eve I was out to get the wine and booze. The store I went to had five cop cars and an ambulance in front of it.

Ok, someone did something stupid with a firearm was my thought. I went home.

Today I learned that a gal attacked a guy who had restraining order against her from behind. His counter broke her jaw and the cops were trying to figure out which one to arrest and charge.

Banning all guns won't stop stuff like that.

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