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  1. Quickdraw101

    Alternate History The Day The World Changed(Modern Nations ISOT to Alternate 1920)
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: Prologue

    The nations here are being ISOT'd to the world in Robert Conroy's 1920: America's Great War, where history diverged significantly in 1914, where French timidness and incompetence results in the Germans winning the Battle of the Marne, capturing the British Expeditionary Force, and utterly...
  2. Raging Iron Thunder

    Alternate History An Alternate First Crusade - Ars Magica RPG Campaign Actual Play
    Threadmarks: Normandy I

    Hi all, This TL will be a bit strange, as I'm not aware of people writing up TL's based on tabletop RPG sessions based on history. The game in question is Ars Magica set in "Mythic Europe" which is historical medieval Europe + faeries + magic + demons + angels. In this world Europeans are...
  3. KilroywasNOTHere

    Alternate History: The Empire of Israel

    This is based on a CK2 scenario I had. In the year 1066 young 18-year-old Jewish Hebrew Girl from a seamlessly unknown family managed to revolt against her Islamic rulers and reestablished the Kingdom of Israel. She quickly goes about building the 3rd temple and reestablishing the priesthood...
  4. KilroywasNOTHere

    Alternate History After Armageddon: WI 9/11 Caused a Much Different Response .
    Threadmarks: September 11th 2001: The Beginning of the End.

    On September 11th 2001, 19 militants from the Islamic terrorist organization known as al-Qaeda hijacked a pair of airlines and rammed them into the twin towers resulting in some 2750 deaths. For the first time in nearly a decade our eyes were glued to the tv screen as news stations both...
  5. KilroywasNOTHere

    The Heir of the Romanov Family is "Found" After The Soviet Union Falls.

    After the Soviet Union falls a faction of monarchists manage to "find" the long lost granddaughter of Anastasia Romanov. With the backing of the Orthodox Church and several people within government this lost heir is able to make a Strong claim for the throne. Things to note of said heir Heir...
  6. Batrix2070

    Two White Eagles (Nihonkoku Shoukan fic)
    Threadmarks: Prologue

    25 March 1638 Central Calendar Years The Dragon Kingdom of Eimor Hall of Fortune Thirty-five of the most powerful Dragonids gathered, as they do every year, according to their traditional calendar, on the first day of the new year, which is every two human years, to begin divination to show the...
  7. KilroywasNOTHere

    Alternate History Clockwork: The Gears that Changed America.
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    "It seemed like it was hopeless. The Morale of the men was at an all-time low. The food supply was dwindling, and the men were wearing little more than rags. When the Letter came from the French with a declaration of neutrality, even Washington began to believe that it was over. It was then that...
  8. VictortheMonarch

    What If? Alternative Empires

    So this thread is for Alternate Empire in history. So first off, you need a few things 1. Empire Title. 2. Flag of Empire 3. map of Empire 4. summary of empire and how it came into fruition. knock yourselves out, as I know I for sure will. try to specify what Culture and Religion the...
  9. KilroywasNOTHere

    What if: Japan/Italy China/Russia alignment reversal

    What it says on the tin. I'm wondering what would have happened if Russia and China sided with the nazis and Japan and italy had sided with the allied powers. I know for a brief time Russia did have a treaty with germany but I'm wondering what the short term and long term implications would be...
  10. VictortheMonarch

    Alternate History Nuka Tonic (2021 SI to 1936)
    Threadmarks: Chapter One: A Man out of time

    Nashville, TN. 10/26/1936 One moment, I was driving down the highway, the next? well... there was no highway. I had been lucky, the area I had been driving on turned into a small plain, devoid of trees, and a small dirt path in the distance, with a small herd of white tails galloping in the...
  11. VictortheMonarch

    Fantasical Animals And Where They Come From! (Zoology Map Thread)

    ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLRIGHT THEN! So then, I got an Idea, we take an animal, and we'll either cross breed it, or it somehow ends up elsewhere! From Hippo's in the Amazon, to Crocodiles in the Danube, New Animals in New Places! I'll obviously go first! Wonderful little Cat I thought up whilst...
  12. Bassoe

    What If? ROB lets you sic a terminator on a historic figure of your choice

    ROB shows up and offers to send a Cyberdyne Systems Series 800 Terminator after a historic figure of your choice. You can choose whether it'll be programmed to kill or bodyguard its target and the year and location it'll arrive in and it'll speak the local language (although inevitably with an...
  13. Bassoe

    What If? so you've accidentally murdered all the martians - a guide for bereaved earthlings

    Scenario: In an alternate universe, there was a martian civilization along the general lines theorized by Percival Lowell, Edgar Rice Burroughs, etc, technologically comparable to eighties humanity and divided into multiple power blocs who hated each other, but were prevented from outright...
  14. Basileus_Komnenos

    Alternate History Map Thread

    Hi everyone, @Basileus_Komnenos here. Here's a general map thread for all you AH and Cartography buffs to enjoy. Feel free to post your maps here. I guess I'll start off with some of my own maps: Here's a map of the Western Roman Empire prior to Emperor Majorian's death. This was after his...