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why you lads don't have a general gaming thread is beyond me.SO, I am gonna post this here.

This is the guy who voiced Patches in Demons' Souls DARK SOULS 1,2,3 and Bloodborne.


Silent Hill 2 is great and all... but why does everyone overlook Silent Hill Downpour?

I mean... Downpour had great ideas but never fully developed them? And at best was spooky not SCARY... not to mention the team behind it NEVER did something like Silent Hill before.

And I am wondering : why the fuck Konami all of the sudden decided to make 3 games about their franchise that aren't pachinko machines?


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Apparently a game company called Gameloft is making a remake of the game Oregon Trail which should trigger nostalgic reactions in many Analog Millenials.

To be available on Steam and Nintendo.


From Grey Havoc over from Secret Projects Forum

On a very topical note, a horror game that, appropriately enough, has recently returned from the dead. Not to be confused with the 2020 game of the same name.

After a decade of silence, Routine is back in development
The long-absent Alien-inspired horror game returns.

Unreleased Indie Horror Game Returns 10 Years After Its Debut
What were you doing ten years ago? I was...writing a blog about this video game

10 years after its reveal, sci-fi game Routine has returned as an Xbox exclusive | VGC
Players will need to 'run, hide, or attempt to defend themselves as a last resort'

Sci-fi horror game Routine gets a new trailer, nearly a decade after it was announced
The game is set inside an abandoned Lunar station



Original trailers:




2022 trailers:




Routine is a First Person Horror Exploration game set on an abandoned Moon Base.

r/Routine: This is a subreddit for discussion, news, screenshots, videos, etc. related to the upcoming space survival horror game "Routine", being …


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Anyone familiar with Tactics Ogre?

I played the PSP version. It has a decent story, but there is a grand total of 2 hours of story buried in that 70 hour long game. You control 10 characters on the battlefield, so battles feel grander than FFT where battles for the fate of the kingdom was determined by just 5 guys. I disliked the combat. I was strongly recommended to play the game using the One Vision Mod. I was told that it "fixed" the game, but what I found was that it made the game insanely difficult and most of the classes useless.


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An "aggressive progressive" who can't stop himself from going orange man bad and shilling for iranian theocracy's agent while at it is a really poor choice of messenger here.
It's also no news really, at least regarding this cooperation with movie industry. And not the worst thing they do either. I'd rather have movies and videogames shill for the US military than for some diversity or alphabet soup crap. It's a suggestion US military itself would be smart to take too while at it :D

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